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OLTL Previews: Week of January 31


Aubrey and Cutter scramble to stay ahead of Clint.

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Aubrey and Cutter step up their game, and Dorian and Kelly get an assist from Clint. Clint sidesteps Aubrey’s near exposure of his DNA tampering schemes to his family, and apologizes for disowning Joey. Dorian ascertains that Aubrey is blackmailing Clint. Dorian and Kelly anxiously await the arrival of a yearbook from the Paris boarding school Aubrey claims she attended, hoping it will reveal something about Aubrey’s past. Cutter intercepts the yearbook from Dorian’s, and Cutter and Aubrey doctor the yearbook to conceal damaging evidence. Cutter slips the modified yearbook back into Dorian’s home. Dorian tries to persuade Kelly to tell Joey how she really feels, while Rex drops hints to Joey about Kelly. After checking out the yearbook, and not finding anything amiss, Kelly decides it’s time to move on, and lays a kiss on Cutter to seal the deal. Joey witnesses the kiss. Meanwhile, Clint plants a camera in Aubrey’s room, capturing Aubrey and Cutter’s discussion about their plans. Joey and Kelly get trapped in a storeroom overnight and a near kiss is interrupted when they’re rescued. Cutter discovers the hidden camera, but Clint’s man has already retrieved the tape.

Clint continues to dodge bullets from left and right. Rex questions Echo about his paternity and informs her he is considering having another test done. Echo warns Rex to leave things alone. After discussing his concerns with Bo, Rex later lies to Dorian that he had the test done and Clint is not his father. When Vimal requests an invitation to the double wedding for Clint’s daughters, Clint questions him about who he told about the DNA tests, and then fires him. Bo and John fail to persuade Clint’s men to turn against him. Brody walks in while Bo and John are discussing Clint’s treachery, and he is troubled by the revelations. Bo threatens to tell the family of Clint’s misdeeds. Rama plots revenge against Clint.


Shane asks Echo not to tell his parents that he’s being bullied. Natalie and Jessica plan an immediate double wedding. Marty escapes St. Ann’s and makes a beeline to John. Starr realizes she must tell Cole that she’s ready to move on, but as she travels to Statesville, James and Michelle heat up.


Starr visits a delusional Marty at St. Ann’s. As Marty’s memory starts to clear up she begins to remember Natalie’s secret on Monday, January 31.

Rex comes to Bo, troubled about Clint maybe being his father. Bo tells Rex all the horrible things Clint has done on Tuesday, February 1.

Natalie and Jessica have a bachelorette party while John and Brody say goodbye to their bachelorhood on Wednesday, February 2.

Aubrey and Cutter review their plans and discuss their relationship, unaware that they are being recorded on Thursday, February 3.

Marty tells John it was Natalie who kidnapped her. Bo threatens to expose Clint’s wrongdoings to the rest of the family on Friday, February 4.

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