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AMC Previews: Week of January 31


Kendall and Annie are on collision courses.

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Ryan sets David up to be arrested for attempting to escape. David is cuffed and returned to prison in spite of his protests of innocence. David calls Kendall to the prison and confronts her with the photograph showing her holding a pillow near his face. Kendall appears unruffled, but as she is leaving, she collapses and David is released from his cell to revive her. Kendall barely survives and returns to the hospital. Friends and family converge on the hospital to support Kendall and Griffin informs her that she is developing an aneurysm that will require surgery. Kendall overhears David and Ryan arguing which triggers a memory of shooting David. Kendall tells Griffin and he leaves a message for Erica, but she doesn’t get back to them. Kendall leaves the hospital to find Erica. After the cab drops her at the park, Kendall collapses from abdominal pain. Griffin calls Kendall’s cell phone and learns what happened and he, Jake and Cara jump in an ambulance to retrieve her.

JR’s patience with Annie is wearing thin. He assures Krystal and Marissa that he has the situation under control. JR finds Marissa’s “stolen” jewelry, forcing Annie to admit she staged the burglary. JR insists that Annie has to get some help or they can’t be together. JR tells Tad he won’t end things with Annie just because she’s broken, and he returns Marissa’s stolen jewelry providing a cover story for Annie. JR wants to maintain his friendship with Marissa when the divorce is final, and Annie grows more insecure that he wants to break up with her. JR assures her that he loves her, and suggests they go see Dr. Burke together, but he is then called away on business. After JR leaves, Colby shows up and forces Annie to admit she was behind the burglary. A desperate Annie cuffs Colby to a chair and races to make her appointment with Dr. Burke. As Annie is driving to her appointment she hallucinates causing her to crash into the ambulance carrying Kendall, Griffin, Jake and Cara.


Kendall offers her home for Ryan and Greenlee’s wedding, but Greenlee wants to get married at Fusion. Madison winds up driving Ryan to the hospital to check on Kendall. Scott’s feelings for Madison continue to grow, but he can see she is not over Ryan. Jackson catches Erica and Caleb in an embrace. Erica confesses that Kendall shot David, and David knows about it. Jackson is upset that Erica has been keeping things from him. Cara admits to Jake that she still loves him. Natalia accepts a job with the Philly PD. The Hubbards and Brot throw a celebration for Natalia.


Erica tells Jack she needs to attend to some “business” and goes to see Caleb and Jackson watches from afar on Monday, January 31.

JR tells Tad that he won’t cut Annie loose just because she is “broken”. JR returns Marissa’s stolen belongings, claiming he found them in pawn shop on Tuesday, February 1.

Madison drives Ryan to the hospital after learning about Kendall’s collapse and they share memories of their relationship on Wednesday, February 2.

Kendall overhears Ryan and David arguing outside her room and she flashes to a memory of shooting David on Thursday, February 3.

Once Colby admits she taped the confession Annie handcuffs her to a chair and races home to make her appointment with Dr. Burke on Friday, February 4.

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