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GH Previews: Week of January 24


Michael is haunted by memories of Carter when Abby is attacked.

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Moment of Truth

Michael finally starts to open up to Jason. When Michael flashes back to his time in Pentonville, he accidentally takes Dante by the throat when startled by his brother. Abby’s ex, Brandon gets aggressive with her, but Jason arrives in time to run him off. Jason & Abby talk about Michael but Brandon returns with a violent temper. Elsewhere, Michael and Kristina talk about the aftermath of the bus accident and their own troubles. Jason ultimately manages to subdue Brandon using force.

Abby confesses to Jason that she lied to Michael with intentions of protecting him. Abby maintains that she does not want to see Michael again. Later, Michael goes for a walk, hoping to accidentally see Abby. Jason advises Michael to respect Abby’s wishes to stay apart. However, Molly tries to play matchmaker and get Michael and Abby back together. When Brandon sees Abby with Michael, he attacks her in a jealous rage and tries to rape her. Michael fights off Brandon from hurting Abby, but is haunted by memories of his past with Carter.


After Dr. Lee informs Sam that the fertility procedure only has a 50% success rate, Sam flashes back to the loss of her baby. Patrick challenges Terrell at Jake’s as Robin, Lisa and Matt look on. Dante arrives to take Lulu to the opera under the pretense of reconciliation, but she turns him down even after he tells her the truth about him and Brenda. Spinelli begs Carly not to reveal the truth. Alexis convinces Molly to see a therapist for PTSD. Lulu, Lucky and Ethan discuss the Spencer curse on love.

Maxie wonders why Luke is shipping her diamonds for a Crimson photo shoot. Johnny gets pummeled by the Balkan’s mercenary and Lulu finds him and tends to her ex-boyfriend’s wounds. Ethan accuses Maya of sabotaging their apartment lease to stay at the mansion. Dante and Theo argue. Spinelli thinks Sam is pregnant. Brook Lynn pulls one over on Elizabeth. Lulu is threatened by the Balkan. Sam, Brenda and Spinelli discuss pregnancy, dredging up feelings of loss for Sam and secretly for Brenda.


Lulu and Dante have a heartfelt discussion at Jake’s on Monday, January 24th.

Sam and Jason discuss why they should not be parents on Tuesday, January 25th.

Terrell plays hero to Robin much to Patrick’s chagrin on Wednesday, January 26th.

Lucky and Jason spot Siobhan’s tell on Thursday, January 27th.

A reunion goes from loving to livid as Carly learns Jax went to London to protect Brenda from Jerry on Friday, January 28th.


Michael reveals the truth about his prison stint to Jason. Carly asks Jax for a divorce and later pulls a gun on Dante! Brenda and Carly throw down. Siobhan walks right into Lucky’s set up. Brenda finds her wedding dress torn to shreds. Tracy is arrested for Luke’s jewel heist.

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