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OLTL Previews: Week of January 24


Blair embarks on an adventure and Clint’s sins are catching up to him.

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Tomas explains that he painted Blair’s portrait from a photograph, and he produces a photograph of her and Todd from their wedding in 1995. Tomas says he found the photograph. Tomas suggests that Blair can find even greater happiness than she knew at the time the photo was taken. Blair returns the portrait to Tomas and takes the photo. Meanwhile, Todd and Tea are creating an album of photos from their own wedding and in the process come across an old album from Todd and Blair’s wedding, and there is a photo missing from the album. Todd returns the photo album to Blair and when she comes across the spot where the missing photo should be, she realizes that the photo she found in Paris belongs there. Blair tells Todd about the mysterious artist who painted her portrait. Tomas considers taking a trip.

Clint is facing assault on multiple fronts. Clint figures out that Inez is wearing a wire and trying to implicate him in Eddie’s murder. Nora rattles Clint’s cage. Bo and Nora are determined to tie Clint to the murder weapon. Bo and John work together and realize that whoever has the $50,000 that Clint paid Eddie is likely the murderer. When Clint has Ford fired and James’s grant revoked, Ford goes to John and Bo. Clint has evidence planted to make Ford look guilty for Eddie’s murder. Ford admits that Clint gave him money and had him beaten up. Bo questions Clint about Ford’s beating and the money. Aubrey and Cutter continue plotting to scam Joey. Aubrey suggests being Mrs. Joey Buchanan may be the best way to get their hands on Joey’s fortune. Clint insists that if Joey doesn’t get a prenuptial agreement from Aubrey, he will be disinherited. Aubrey runs into her old friend Rama, Vimal’s wife, who fills her in on all Vimal has done for Clint. Aubrey confronts Clint and threatens to expose his DNA scheme if he doesn’t back off disinheriting Joey. When Clint doesn’t back down, Aubrey prepares to expose him in a dramatic way. Dorian and Echo play a game of cyber cat and mouse which provokes Dorian to hire Rex to investigate Clint. Dorian admits to Rex that she believes Clint, not Charlie, is really his father.


Rex and Gigi learn Shane has been skipping school. Echo discovers cyberbullying on Shane’s MyFace page. Natalie and John ask Rex and Gigi to be godparents to their baby, while Brody and Jessica ask Joey and Kelly. Kelly gets closer to Cutter to investigate Aubrey. Cristian and Layla have a sad parting. Destiny and Matthew connect.


Cristian is shocked to discover Layla slept with Steffen and they have a bittersweet parting. Matthew and Destiny connect on Monday, January 24.

Blair’s thrown when Tomas produces a photo of her and Todd at their 1995 wedding which he found by chance on Tuesday, January 25.

Natalie and Jessica get down to the business of naming their sons but unknowingly pick the same name on Wednesday, January 26.

Aubrey confronts Clint about his having disinherited Joey. She leaves him with the threat that she’ll blow up his DNA-switching activities if he does on Thursday, January 27.

Jessica and Brody ask Joey and Kelly to be their baby’s godparents. John and Natalie ask Gigi and Rex to be their baby’s godparents. The christening goes well until Aubrey steps forward to address the crowd on Friday, January 28.

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