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Annie grows more out of control.

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Annie’s insecurities about JR and Marissa draw her closer to her breaking point and she demands that JR give her a firm date for finalizing his divorce. After learning Ryan and Greenlee are engaged, Annie spots JR and Marissa walking into Krystal’s with decorations. JR explains they’re decorating for Damon’s going away party, but when Marissa returns he keeps his distance from Annie. Annie’s desperation is making her dangerous. Marissa turns to find Annie behind her ominously handling some scissors. Annie explains she is just helping out with the decorating. Annie hallucinates about JR and Marissa, trashing her hotel room and she leaves numerous voice mail messages for JR threatening to do something they’ll regret. Annie runs into Scott and bursts into tears, which Scott presumes is because of JR. JR tells Tad that he and Annie are together and that he plans to go public when the divorce is final, but when JR listens to the frantic messages Annie left for him, he is taken aback. Amanda helps Annie get JR away from the party where she explains she left so many messages was because she was being followed, by Scott! Meanwhile Marissa sees all the messages from Annie on JR’s phone and knows there is more than just business between them. JR confronts Scott about following Annie. JR realizes Annie is becoming more unstable. Marissa accuses Annie of losing it, and asks JR directly if he is in love with Annie. JR defaults, and tells Annie they must not see each other until the divorce is final. Annie tries to believe that her dreams will come true.

Damon accepts the job opportunity in California. He thanks Angie for giving him his first job. Opal wonders if Liza has anything to do with Damon’s decision. As Liza helps Colby get ready for Damon’s farewell party, Colby tells her mother her plan to fix things with Damon, and wonders who the “whore” Damon slept with might be. At the party, Colby tells Damon she has a hotel room for them, but Damon tells her he is no longer in love with her. Asher learns that Liza is the woman who slept with Damon. Damon sees Liza crying and Colby asks her mother what she has done that might have hurt her. Tad steps in and explains that Liza got Damon the job in California. Asher confronts Liza and agrees to keep her secret unless she hurts Colby.


Scott tries to turn over a new leaf, and Angie is very impressed with his plans for the hospital. Scott tries to persuade Greenlee to tell Ryan about Madison’s pregnancy. Ryan and Greenlee tell Madison of their engagement. Madison is gracious, but she tells Ryan she believes they could have had something amazing together. Cara’s secret is revealed when she admits that she had leukemia as a child. Brot and Natalia may be forced to stop working together. Kendall returns to work at Fusion, and she has a flashback of firing a gun. David’s stay at the hospital is extended. Ryan overhears Jake tell David he’s going to run some test to see if he can get him released to the prison. Ryan poses as an orderly to get face time with David, alone.


Annie’s insecurity over JR and Marissa pushes her towards a breaking point. She demands that JR set a divorce date on Monday, January 24.

As Liza helps Colby get ready for Damon’s going away party, she tells her mom the plan she has to fix things between her and Damon and wonders who the “whore” is that he slept with Tuesday, January 25.

Cara admits that while she was happy with him she needed to feel free and traveling is her life on Wednesday, January 26.

Jake says that he is going to go over David’s medical work to see if he can be released to the prison but David points out that he didn’t stay dead, what makes Jake think he won’t be able to stay out of prison on Thursday, January 27.

When Kendall looks at a new Fusion ad she has a flashback of holding a gun and Erica screaming “no” but can’t quite figure out why on Friday, January 28.

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