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OLTL Previews: Week of January 17


Bo and Nora learn of Clint’s manipulations.

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Nate admits he’s covering for Inez, but the judge refuses to throw out the charges. Inez is deeply moved by her son’s actions, but maintains she is innocent. She confesses to a stunned Bo and Nora that she didn’t sleep with Bo, and that Clint was behind the ruse. Inez is arrested and Clint is on the receiving end of a gun for a change. Echo notifies Clint that Dorian is convinced he’s really Rex’s father. Bo accuses Clint of trying to wreck his marriage. Bo tells Matthew he didn’t sleep with Inez, and insists Matthew can no longer work for Clint. Bo uses Inez to entrap Clint. Matthew accuses Clint of making him believe his parents were having affairs to distract him from the truth that Rex is Clint’s son. Clint informs Viki that he’s setting up a trust for his new grandsons, and Viki is put off by Nora’s behavior toward Clint. Tea gets the charges dropped against Nate and he asks her to represent Inez. When Tea and Nate go to see Inez, they discover she is gone.

Rex’s preliminary search of Cutter’s background confirms he is Aubrey’s brother, but Kelly remains suspicious. When Aubrey and Kelly run into each other at the gym, they get into a fight. When Joey finds them, Kelly storms off and Aubrey plays the victim, but Joey admits her description of the events doesn’t sound like Kelly. Kelly gets steamy with Cutter. Joey talks about their future, and it’s obvious that Aubrey’s feelings for Joey are deepening. Kelly tries to pry information from Ford about Aubrey and Cutter.


Believing Natalie’s baby is her own, Marty tries to take the child from the hospital nursery. John and Natalie discover Roxy restrained in Marty’s room, and realize what Marty is up to. John and Natalie play along with Marty’s delusion until they can get the baby safely away from her. Marty is sent to St. Ann’s.

Cristian learns more about the painting of Blair. Blair and Cristian head to Paris to investigate further. A gallery owner informs them he sold the painting to Eli, but has the name and address of the artist. When Layla arrives, Blair goes to meet the artist alone. Cristian confesses to Layla that he spent the night with Blair but they didn’t have sex, but Layla can’t say the same about the nights she’s spent with her boss.


John finds Marty in the nursery preparing to leave with Natalie’s baby, thinking that it’s hers on Monday, January 17.

Bo and Nora are stunned when Inez tells them she and Bo didn’t have sex. She reveals that Clint was behind it all on Tuesday, January 18.

Wednesday: Encore Episode

Vimal confesses everything about the work he’s done for Clint to his wife Rama on Thursday, January 20.

At breakfast with Tea, Todd and Dani, Starr has a bad reaction to seeing James with Michelle. Inez and Nate try to figure out who planted the gun on Friday, January 21.

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