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GH Previews: Week of January 17


Michael lashes out at a controlling Carly.

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Because I Said So

Abby is approached by her abusive ex-boyfriend Brandon, who has the gall to solicit her and taunts her for the recent prostitution bust. Carly happens upon the scene and overhears the conversation between the former lovers. Carly once again oversteps her boundaries and demands Abby do the right thing — stay away from Michael.

Abby heeds Carly’s warning and lies to Michael, saying she is in fact a hooker in hopes he will stay away from her for his own good. Carly calls out Sam for bringing a stripper into Michael’s life. Jason jumps to Sam’s defense as Carly rips into Sam for making the introduction. Later, Michael himself lashes out at a controlling Carly. Jason gives Michael advice as a tortured Michael struggles to talk about his past. Jason asks Abby to be honest with Michael.


Jason tries to call off the wedding since the Balkan is not dead, but Brenda and Sonny won’t hear it. The Balkan learns the details of how his son died. Sam discusses an experimental fertility procedure with Dr. Kelli Lee. Johnny warns Lisa that Patrick is onto them. Molly has an emotional hissy fit to Kristina’s surprise. Steve checks on Olivia with a hint of romance in the air. Lulu feels she’s suffering from the Spencer love curse. While Brenda and Robin gossip together about the new doctor and Brenda’s upcoming wedding plans, elsewhere the Balkan makes plans to kidnap Brenda on her wedding day. Molly questions Sam why she won’t have children. Terrell scores brownie points with Robin when he volunteers to help the understaffed AIDS wing. Nikolas and Brook Lynn share their first kiss.

A jealous Elizabeth throws down against Brook Lynn, using her own son Aiden as bait. Molly tries to self-diagnose on the internet. Brenda blames herself for Dante and Lulu’s break up and heads to Crimson to convince Lulu to take Dante back. Diane delivers to Carly legal proof that Brenda and Dante had a baby together. Patrick witnesses Lisa and Terrell enjoying drinks together once again. Sonny and Molly discuss bi-polar disorder. Lucky confronts Siobhan about the terse end to their relationship. A car accident triggers a post-traumatic stress attack in Molly after her visit to Sonny.


A stunned Lucky demands an explanation when Siobhan wants to break up on Monday, January 17th.

Lulu ends things with Dante after Theo inadvertently exposes the 2007 cover-up to her on Tuesday, January 18th.

Sonny plans to leave Lily for Brenda, Jason & Robin cool off as Jason & Carly heat up and Luke confronts Justus with his murder theory in a 5/27/96 encore episode on Wednesday, January 19th.

Waking from another wedding day premonition, Sonny pulls a gun on Brenda on Thursday, January 20th.

Patrick works to hide his jealousy of Terrell’s attention towards Robin on Friday, January 21st.


Lulu refuses to forgive Dante’s lies. The Balkan welcomes his mercenary to Port Charles. Tracy encourages Brook Lynn not to give up on Nikolas. Lulu is threatened by the Balkan. Sam maintains that she does not want to have a baby. Michael faces memories of Carter.

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