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AMC Previews: Week of January 17


David emerges from his coma with plans to wreak havoc in Pine Valley.

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Colby and Damon break up, prompting Liza to become more actively involved with her daughter’s life. Liza tells Erica she intends to postpone the trial to spend more time with Colby, but Erica persuades her to drop the charges. Bianca questions why Erica hasn’t included Caleb on her guest list for the wedding, prompting Kendall to become more curious. Opal ask Erica to spill what is really going on with Caleb. David’s being transferred to another hospital which eases Kendall’s worries. Griffin encourages her to move back into the bedroom she and Zach shared so she can get more rest and Kendall agrees it is time. Erica confronts an unconscious David, telling him that he is no longer a threat to her family. David opens his eyes and remembers that Kendall is the one who shot him. Erica tries to convince Jesse that David’s memories are affected by the coma. Erica turns to Caleb and Jackson is uneasy.

Kendall learns David has awakened from the coma. Erica tells Bianca that Kendall must stay far away from David, but before they can stop her Kendall confronts David. David tells Kendall he knows she tried to murder him. Griffin defends Kendall, and Erica explains to David that Kendall doesn’t remember what happened. David refuses to cover for Kendall. When Jesse tries to question David, he claims he is too weak and wants his lawyer. Marissa steps up to the challenge of representing David. Krystal isn’t thrilled with Marissa’s decision. David tells Erica to get Greenlee to come and see him. David and Greenlee discuss how their relationship has changed. Erica seeks Caleb’s help dealing with David’s blackmail.


Greenlee tells Ryan she understands why he needs to go to California and that they can’t share everything with one another. Ryan meets with the FAA agent who claims the crash was the result of a valve malfunction. After Ryan leaves, the FAA agent makes a phone call and tells someone that the case is closed and there will be no further investigation. Ryan proposes to Greenlee and she accepts. Ryan and Greenlee tell Jackson and Erica of their engagement, and both are happy for them but concerned how Kendall will take the news. Scott and Madison grow closer and when Scott notices Ryan watching them, he puts his arms around Madison.


Erica tells an unconscious David that he can’t hurt her or her loved ones anymore. David opens his eyes on Monday, January 17.

Kendall is freaked out when she hears that David is awake and Erica tells Bianca that her sister must stay as far away as possible from David on Tuesday, January 18.

Wednesday: Encore Episode

Marissa realizes she must take charge in her relationship with David and makes the announcement that she is David’s lawyer on Thursday, January 20.

Kendall tries to cover her anxiety after Ryan explains his initial concern of foul play in Zach’s plane crash but covers that he’s sure there was none on Friday, January 21.

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