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Ghost Hunters International - Eastern Bloc

GHI Team investigates 2 cases behind the Iron Curtain.



As a location of Nazi experiments during the war, a tuberculosis hospital and an abundance of tragedy, Pidhirtsi Castle in the Ukraine is the next stop for the GHI team. Built between 1635 and 1640, the castle was built on the site of an old fortress and was used as a residence for royalty until the early 1900’s when the Russians captured the castle during WW1 in 1915. During WW2 the Nazi’s used the castle as a hospital for their soldiers and a Tuberculosis sanitarium. Today, Dr. Vita Susak has intentions of restoring the historic castle and opening a museum. She has called in the GHI team to investigate the claims of paranormal activity including sightings of the White Lady, who has been seen by many visitors to the castle.

Barry and Kris begin the investigation of the castle in the basement where they stumble upon a satanic shrine. While they are in the area, they hear bumps and knocks not knowing where they are coming from. Brit and Joe are investigating the second floor in the chapel area. Brit notices a black mass in the corner of the room. Joe notices what he believes is something behind an old cracked door. They begin to do an EVP session to see if they can communicate with what could be in the room with them. They think they hear some noises coming from the room behind them and go to investigate. Both are beginning to feel uneasy and dizzy, also feeling a tingly feeling and goosebumps. As the night goes on, Susan and Paul investigate on the second floor and right away, Susan feels dizzy and an uneasy feeling. Paul believes he hears footsteps walking up the stairs and they rush to see if anyone else is in the building with them. They follow the noises into the stairwell, but they couldn’t find anyone who would make the noises they heard. The two go back to the room they were investigating and Susan gets the uneasy feeling again. They begin the EVP session and Susan feels something touch her cheek. Paul begins taking pictures of Susan in the hopes of catching something on film. Susan also hears a voice that says “Oy”.

Brit, Paul, Susan and Joe sit down to review the evidence of their investigation of Pidhirtsi Castle. Susan has a reasonable explanation to what Joe thought was a face he saw in the cracks of the old door. Paul’s review of the photos he took of Susan when she felt something touch her cheek, revealed they were not alone in the room on the second floor.

Barry and Kris sit down with Dr. Vita Susak to fill her in on the evidence they captured. Barry tells Vita about Susan’s experience and asks her about the word “Oy”. She tells him it is commonly used in the Urkaine or Russian language. Kris loops a section of an EVP session to reveal a short section of conversation. During Brit and Joe’s investigation of the second floor, a sequence of knocks can be heard from their EVP session as if to be getting a direct response to their questions.

Barry and the team conclude the castle has paranormal activity, but they don’t believe enough to label the castle as haunted. They do believe the castle will be safe for Dr. Vita Susek to open it as a museum.


The GHI team travels to Poland to investigate the Reszel Castle. Castle, built in the early 1400’s has been restored into a hotel, bar, and banquet facility. Guests have heard screams, voices and other activity including 2 gentlemen who were playing billiards and got a fright when the billiard balls on the table, moved on their own. Barbara Zdunk, Poland’s last witch is said to be haunting the dungeons, where she had been kept and raped multiple times, resulting in her bearing two children.

Barry and Kris begin the investigation in the billiard room. They start an EVP session hoping to communicate with the spirits of the castle. Barry feels something grab his leg and notices something strange in the pipe on the ceiling. They start their EVP session again and hear noises they can’t explain. Susan and Paul investigate the bar area and Susan takes on the role of bartender. Susan serves Paul a glass of water with ice and sets down another glass of water with ice next to him. Paul feels a cold spot next to him on the bar stool. Susan checks for drafts but can’t find any. As the two feel out the cold spot, the ice in the glass moves the straw and freaks both of them out as they believe there is someone drinking from the straw. The cold spot leaves and Paul believes their friend left the bar stool. Joe and Brit are in the dungeon area of the tower. With Brit on the stairs going down into the dungeon, he thinks he hears some heavy breathing. The two begin an EVP session hoping to communicate with Barbara Zdunk, the witch who was executed. Joe believes he hears murmuring and noises coming from upstairs. Brit hopes they will hear the noises and pacing during analysis process.

The entire team goes over the evidence they gathered during their investigation. Paul and Susan bubbles are popped when they realize it was just the ice melting in the glass that made the straw move and nothing paranormal. Barry jokes he will be teaching Paul how ice melts so he won’t make the same mistake again. Kris discovers something on the recorder during her and Barry’s EVP session in the billiard room.

Kris and Barry sit down with the client and reveal to him all their evidence from the investigation. Brit hears heavy breathing when he and Joe investigate the dungeon and Paul has a similar experience to back up Brit’s claims. There was a voice that came through on the EVP session Kris and Barry recorded in the billiard room.

GHI team concludes the Reszel Castle has some activity but they don’t consider the castle to be haunted, and their client has nothing to fear.

Next week, the team travels to Nuremberg, Germany to investigate the Nuremberg Castle and the unfaithful spirits it may hold.


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