V – Science Fiction Update You Should Be Watching


V - Science Fiction Update You Should Be Watching

Season two of V is shaping up to feed my science fiction addition.

V is back for a 2nd season.

When season one of V began, we were told that the Visitors, led by Queen Anna (Morena Baccarin), came here in search of clean air & water, something we had in abundance. As a gift for us sharing our resources, the Visitors would share their knowledge of healing & energy. However viewers would soon come to find out that this was not really the case.

A resistance group known as “The Fifth Column” was soon revealed. The group is made up of visitors & humans alike who have known all along the Visitors weren’t there for what they claimed and are willing to fight for our way of life. Among them: FBI agents, priests, & visitors who have merged into the human society & have been able to fight off the ability of Anna’s Bliss.

As with every show on TV, there is romance with problems. Queen Anna’s daughter Lisa has a thing for Tyler, the son of FBI Agent Erica Evans (played by Elizabeth Mitchell of LOST). Agent Evans has been assigned to be the head of the Visitors Task Force (a group that protects the V’s from human violence) while being a part of The Fifth Column. Anna meanwhile is busy pimping out Lisa to Tyler for her own private plans. Unbeknownst to Anna, Lisa’s beginning to truly fall in love with Tyler. Top it off, Lisa’s aligned herself with The Fifth Column and is considered the group to be the true queen of the alien nation. Another slow building romance of the show is between Erica & Father Jack Landry (played by Joel Gretsch).

Last week’s season two premiere, “Red Rain” saw the world almost on the brink of war. With the ability to fix the Earth’s problem of global warming, as well as being able to heal almost every health issue on earth – Queen Anna has certainly earned more trust from the humans. Little does she know that someone else close to her has joined The Fifth Column. To add to Queen Anna’s problems is the introduction of her mother Diana (played by original V series star Jane Badler).

The next episode, “Serpant’s Tooth” airs Tuesday Night on ABC.

The series stars: Morena Baccarin as Queen Anna, Elizabeth Mitchell as FBI Agent  Erica Evans, Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols, Joel Gretsch as Father Jack Landry, Logan Huffman as Tyler Evans, Laura Vandervoort as Lisa, Scott Wolf as Reporter Chad Decker, Christopher Shyer as Marcus, Mark Hildreth as Joshua.

The series is produced by The Scott Peters Company, HDFFilms and Warner Bros. Television

Fun Casting Fact: Morena Baccarin and season one guest star Alan Tudyk starred in Joss Whedon’s “FireFly” and “Serenity” together. Dare we hope that Nathan Fillion also “FireFly” alum and star of ABC’s “Castle” will be asked to do a cameo?

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