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B&B Previews: Week of January 10


B&B Previews: Week of January 10

Thomas struggles with his feelings for Brooke and later gets a reality check.


Ridge tells Taylor about Brooke and Thomas’s Taboo press tour. Taylor continues to worry about a possible hookup while Ridge tries to talk her down. Stephanie has a heart to heart with Taylor. The Forrester men swap stories about Brooke. Eric bonds with Stephanie. Thomas’s feelings for Brooke intensify while in Paris. Thomas comes to his senses when he realizes that Brooke and Ridge are meant for each other.

Hope confronts Amber about her tryst with Liam. Tawny jumps to Amber’s defense. Oliver is desperate to get Amber and her mother out of his abode. Amber confides in Marcus. Amber tells Oliver that she’s pregnant, but claims the baby is Liam’s. Nick relents and stands up at his mother’s wedding to Owen. Nick and Taylor bond at Dayzee’s coffee house .


Monday – Thomas grapples with his feelings for Brooke. Taylor learns about Thomas and Brooke’s trip to Paris and becomes angry. Nick presides over Jackie’s vow-renewal ceremony.

Tuesday – Thomas is enthralled by Brooke as she charms the press. Hope confronts Amber about seducing Liam. Taylor tells Stephanie her concerns about Thomas and Brooke. Oliver confides in Marcus about his one night with Amber.

Wednesday – Thomas sets up a private dinner in Brooke’s hotel suite. Tawny tells Oliver that Amber slept with Liam. Eric and Thorne fondly recall their love affairs with Brooke. Oliver wants Amber and Tawny to move out of the upstairs apartment.

Thursday – Thomas is jolted back into reality. Brooke and Ridge video chat. Ridge questions a flustered Thomas if he is interested in anyone. Eric and Stephanie come to an agreement about Brooke.

Friday – Thomas tells Brooke that their trip changed his life and brought everything into focus for him. Amber informs her new suitor about her pregnancy. Taylor shares her concerns regarding Thomas and Brooke with Nick.

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