DAYS Previews: Week of January 10

DAYS Previews: Week of January 10

EJ and Sami get more bad news about Johnny; Nathan confronts Stephanie about her lies.


Monday – Nathan confronts Stephanie about her lies. Melanie suggests that Daniel get a divorce lawyer. Carly begs for forgiveness from Daniel. Vivian and Gus have a falling-out on the island. Chad returns to town and gives Stefano the cold shoulder.

Tuesday – Stefano tells Lexie and EJ that Chad is his son. Chloe devises a plan to get Daniel back. Lexie holds an ethics hearing against Carly at the hospital. Nicole persuades EJ to have Johnny examined by Dr. Kim again.

Wednesday – Bo learns that Warden Jane has a meeting with the “Big Boss”. Will witnesses a moment between Gabi and a classmate and becomes jealous. Jennifer discovers that Ben has a connection to the prison. EJ and Nicole update Sami about Johnny.

Thursday – Hope finds a surprise on her computer. EJ, Rafe and the doctor help Sami come to terms with Johnny’s fate. Stefano learns about Johnny’s condition. Will and Gabi share some romance. Jane’s boss urges her to use Bo to find Hope.

Friday – Philip and Nathan come to blows. Johnny goes into surgery. Melanie and Stephanie get into a fight. Kate finds a distraught Stefano and comforts him. Rafe and Nicole are surprised when they see Sami and EJ praying together.

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