The More Secrets The Better, ‘Liars’ Keeps This Viewer Hooked


The More Secrets The Better, 'Liars' Keeps This Viewer Hooked

A’s back, bitches, and the mystery of her identity is more intriguing than ever.


A’s back, bitches, and the mystery of her identity is more intriguing than ever.

When Pretty Little Liars left us, Hanna had just been mowed down by a car after catching Aria in a heated liplock with her deliciously attractive English teacher. Hanna wasn’t the only one watching the forbidden duo, which left us wondering who was and if the person was actually A.

The prime suspect was Toby Cavanaugh, but I never believed it was him. He liked Emily in that adorable brooding way and made her a mixed CD with such a cute cover. Sure, he was reading The Catcher in the Rye, but I just chalked that up to good taste in literature. Not all people read J.D. Salinger because they’re crazy. The end of the finale left us with one more person, Ian, Spencer’s sister’s ex-boyfriend and the boy that Ali had been with the night she disappeared.

Now fast forward to last night’s premiere.

Small towns must be so nice. The officers pull women over just to inform them that their daughter was in an accident, too preoccupied with the tragedy at hand to notice how nervous the mother is after robbing a safety deposit box. Hanna’s mother thinks that her decision to steal money from an old lady (albeit a butterscotch thief in her own right) is pretty sly.

If there’s anything A likes collecting, it’s secrets. And the only thing she enjoys more than that is bringing them to light. So something tells me Hanna’s mother isn’t too safe. Another secret that is no longer safe is Aria’s relationship with Ezra Fitz. I know that on every spectrum of the morality plane this couple is wrong, but they’re just so damn good together. He got a haircut for her. Does it get much cuter than that?

At the hospital, Hanna told the girls that she saw Noel Kahn in the woods and believes he’s A, which forces Aria’s relationship to come out of hiding. If one of my best friends admitted to an affair with a teacher, I would have been too. Except no teacher in my school looked like Ezra Fitz, so part of me thinks I would have at least high-five her before getting all moral.

Unfortunately what her friends think is the least of Aria’s worries. As soon as Noel was mentioned, I’m sure all the viewers sighed collectively and knew it was all about the poor guy being scorned. Aria and Ezra were busy making out to notice the note Noel left on the back window, and she did a nice job hoping that it was nothing special when Ezra brought it to her attention.

I almost feel bad for Noel. He liked Aria a lot and found out that was having some kind of relationship with a teacher. He offered to go to the principal with her, only to learn Aria liked what was happening with the teacher. Talk about a low blow to his already struggling teenage boy ego. The war lines are drawn. The poetry writing, haircut getting, old man vest wearing, crazy gorgeous teacher on one side and the cute in his own way jock with a chip on his shoulder on the other. Sign me up for Team Fitz, please, even though I know relationships like these are destined to end terribly.

It’s bad enough that A knows Aria is dating a teacher. Now her friends and a jilted boy do, too. The secret is spreading and eventually it has to explode. Is it so wrong to hope that however A decides to bring this secret out (and you know she will) Aria and Ezra survive long enough to give us more reasons to love them?

In the nature of all things crazy, Jenna is hanging around in hopes of continuing the relationship she had with Toby, and Ian has eloped with Melissa. Jenna’s character is one of the most interesting to me. She’s always there in the background, listening and taking things in, and knows way more about the girls than they realize. After all, she was friends with Hanna after her accident. Is he just another scorned lover determined to hold onto Toby? Or is she a major connection to A? In some ways, Jenna is too obvious, but she’s mysterious enough that it would make sense.

As for Ian, the fact that he went through Spencer, her sister, Melissa, and Hanna within the last year alone makes him worthy of creeper status. He’s a nice, happy guy and being around him has made Melissa a nice, happy girl. We know he has a secret when it comes to Hanna. Does he really care for Melissa? Or is this all about keeping his enemies closer?

There were lots of other good things about the premiere. Hanna didn’t suffer what would have been a cliché and frustrating storyline where she had amnesia. Emily came out to her father, who was supportive and accepting. A tree disappeared. Lucas told Hanna he wanted more. Aria and Ezra argued cutely next to his car. And Mona apologized for being such a bitch of a friend.

The most interesting part of the episode for me was the dream Hanna had about Ali. Blame it on the painkillers. Blame it on Hanna’s subconscious desperately trying to figure out what was going on. Either way Ali gave her some great advice when she told her that the girls know more than they think they do and that telling the truth to the wrong person is why she ended up dead. Secrets may get them into trouble, but they also keep the girls safe.

It looks like the hint to finding A and figuring out what happened to Ali starts with Hanna’s dream. And judging from the note that zinger of a note that A left on Hanna’s cast, it’s going to be quite a fun and scandalous season.

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