Entertaining Season Premiere for Ghost Hunters International


Entertaining Season Premiere for Ghost Hunters International

A new team and new season made for an entertaining premiere.


As an avid fan of the paranormal, I was not going to miss the season premiere of Ghost Hunters International on SYFY.  GHI comes into their 3rd season with a new team, new lead investigators and new locales to investigate.  Excitement has been building since the new team reveal on Ghost Hunter’s Halloween show this past October. Fans of Ghost Hunters International have been a buzz about new team members Kris Williams and Brit Griffith joining the GHI team.  Both, Kris and Brit were part of the original Ghost Hunters team for several years but in August 2010, were offered the opportunity to travel the world while hunting the paranormal.

Last night’s season 3 premiere did not disappoint the paranormal fans who tuned in.  The first case of the new season led the GHI team to Helsingor, Denmark to investigate Kronborg Castle, which inspired Shakespeare to write Hamlet.  The castle is located on the sound between Denmark and Sweden and strategically situated on an outlet into the Baltic Sea.  This infamous Renaissance castle scared up disembodied voices, sounds, and shadows for the GHI team to hunt down and analyze on their first visit.

The night investigation begins with lead investigators Barry Fitzgerald and Kris Williams are in the ballroom to investigate reports of voices and shadows.  While there, Kris is witness to a dark shadowy mass and the sound of voices that are infamous to the castle.  In the dungeon, investigators Susan Slaughter and Paul Bradford go underground to set up equipment to test the theory that spirits drain modern day batteries to gain more energy to manifest.  As the two are investigating the area, Susan sees a greyish shadow and then hears heavy breathing close by her.  In the royal living quarters of the castle, Britt Griffith and Joe Chin stir something up and they are startled to hear bumps and noises coming from behind them.

Later, Barry and Kris head to Queen Sophie’s room and are greeted with lots of shadow play and noises, which Susan and Paul also experience during their investigation of the same room.  Britt and Joe head down into the dungeon and experience rocks being thrown at the them.  The noises lead them further and further down into the darkness of the dungeon.  Kris and Barry take their investigation to the basement and experience out of the norm light activity around the equipment Paul and Susan had set up earlier in the evening.  While in the chapel, Brit and Joe experience strange lights and video tape a large chandelier moving on its own.  Before the investigation came to a close, Barry and the GHI team gathered in the ballroom for an experiment.  The idea was to play period music in the hopes of bringing the spirits of the castle to them in the ballroom.  This technique is called the Singapore Theory and has been used by others in the paranormal community.

Later, analysis revealed disembodied voices in the dungeon with Brit and Joe and movement and EMF spikes on some equipment that was set up in the basement by Paul and Susan.  With all the evidence from their night’s investigation, Barry and the GHI team are led to believe the Kronborg Castle to be haunted.

The next episode of Ghost Hunters International will take this team to eastern Europe and behind the former Iron Curtain.

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