Adult Swim’s ‘Royal Crackers’ Season Two Review

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Love it or hate it, Royal Crackers is back for its second season on adult swim with even more antics and chaos from the family of a saltine cracker business. As someone who enjoyed the first season, especially as the season progressed, I was happy to see that it has really found its groove, leaning into the awkward and uncomfortable moments. The silliness is ramped up even more, taking situations to even more ridiculously heightened places. Jokes land, characters have been more fully realized, and it has an unexpected charm to it.

The entire Hornsby family and their company are made up of pretty terrible people who seem to be trying their best, but often fail. The series thrives when it leans into the dysfunction in all of their lives. Season two dives further into all of the family dynamics giving moments for each member to equally shine. Deb, played by Jessica St. Clair, remains my favorite character. In the episodes made available for review, Deb seems to get a lot of focus. We get to see her interactions with the business aspect of the company, when specifically it impacts her, while also giving her character even more to do on a personal level. We continue to see the rest of the family deal with issues at home, work and school as well. They always seem to somehow get caught up in each others shenanigans of the week.

Recurring gags and uncomfortable moments stand out in this series and continue to make me laugh a lot. A blank stare or a prolonged maniacal laugh can invoke such a funny moment! The entire family is deranged for the actions they take, but it provides for truly hilarious entertainment. There is always a person or force out for them and yet somehow they persevere, reinforcing the over the top humor. Even the moments where things go majorly wrong, they find a way to make it a win for themselves. 

Who knew a snack food empire could lead to such a funny series! Royal Crackers has truly found its stride and fans are in for the same kind of humor and awkward situations kicked up even higher in the new season. If you didn’t care for the first season, I think there is a chance you will find more to enjoy this time around. 

Season two of Royal Crackers premieres February 29 at midnight on adult swim. Episodes stream next day on Max. 

Lee Arvoy
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