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B&B Previews: Week of January 3


B&B Previews: Week of January 3

Owen and Jackie prepare to renew their vows.


Whip finally confesses the truth to Taylor. Brooke and Thomas head to Paris for a Taboo event. Taylor continues to panic and express concern about Brooke and Thomas to Ridge. Tawny urges Amber to join her in the newly cooked up baby daddy scheme. Bill regrets some of his actions and tries to rectify things. Liam has to jump through hoops in order to get Hope back. Jackie becomes the latest designer for Jackie M. To ensure that their love is strong, Owen asks Jackie to renew their vows. Nick is furious when Owen asks him to be the best man and refuses his offer. Will an unforeseen event change Nick’s mind?


Monday – Liam asks for Hope’s forgiveness. Hope turns to Brooke for support. Tawny continues to pressure Amber to lie about her baby’s father. Liam tells Bill that he can’t live up to the persona created for him and that he refuses to give up on Hope.

Tuesday – Bill warns Oliver to stay away. Brooke grills Amber about what happened between her and Liam. Liam tells Hope that he has decided not to follow in his father’s footsteps. Katie is pleased to learn about Bill’s change of heart.

Wednesday – Jackie creates designs for a new collection. Owen asks Nick to be his best man in his and Jackie’s vow-renewal ceremony. Stephanie and Brooke try to figure out their new places in each other’s lives. Whip makes a confession to Taylor.

Thursday – Ridge arranges a press conference in Paris for Brooke and Thomas. Whip attemps to rationalize his actions with Taylor. Thomas sets Madison straight about the current state of their relationship. Aggie learns of Jackie and Owen vow-renewal ceremony.

Friday – Thomas and Brooke prepare for their press conference and head to Paris. Taylor shares her theory about Thomas and Brooke with Whip. Owen receives a troubling call that could ruin his and Jackie’s special day.

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DAYS Previews: Week of January 3

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