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DAYS Previews: Week of January 3


DAYS Previews: Week of January 3

Philip realizes Stephanie knew about his affair with Chloe.


Monday – EJ gives Nicole a final ultimatum. Kayla tells Sami about Caroline’s stroke. Chloe reluctantly lets Philip hold his son. Rafe comforts Sami on New Year’s Eve. Stephanie ignores a phone call from Kayla.

Tuesday – Bo uses a pay phone to call Carly. Rafe wants to question Jane, but she refuses to talk to him. EJ tells Stefano that he and Nicole are getting married. Johnny is not happy to learn that his dad is marrying Nicole.

Wednesday – Sami tells EJ that marrying Nicole is a mistake he’ll regret. Caroline begs Kayla to keep Stephanie’s name out of the paternity-test switch debacle. Daniel informs Chloe that she and Parker must move out. Ben and Jennifer have a friendly coffee date.

Thursday – Brady and Kate put their plans to destroy Vivian in motion. Vivian and Gus are pushed from a moving plane. Nathan is shocked to learn that Philip cheated on Melanie. Maggie blasts Philip for all the trouble he’s caused.

Friday – Philip figures out Stephanie knew he was Parker’s father and she asks him not to tell anyone. Nathan tries to comfort Melanie. Bo and Hope escape on a boat. Lee convinces Jane to start selling organs again.

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