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Y&R Previews: Week of January 3


Y&R Previews: Week of January 3

Daniel goes on the hunt for Daisy.


Jana wounds herself and claims to Kevin and Chloe that Daisy attacked her. Daniel is none too pleased when he learns of Daisy’s great escape. Jana recants here newly made statement when questioned by police, saying that Daisy forced her to lie. Jana moves in with a reluctant Kevin. Daniel goes on the hunt for Daisy. Upon finding her, he has to deliver the baby. Daisy hits Daniel over the head and snatches the baby. An unconscious Daniel is found on the side of the road by Michael and Jack.

Phyllis is riddled with guilt over the Daisy’s escape. Lauren continues to blame Phyllis for everything that’s happened. Daisy deposits the baby at a “safe” place. Katherine continues to express her concerns about Colin, causing friction between her and Jill. Paul discovers that Colin has a criminal history. Sharon begs Victor to help her. Nick and Sharon start their custody battle over Faith. Adam’s situation takes a sudden turn. Heather demands answers from Ronan. Billy takes a chance that could backfire on him and Victoria.

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