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GH Stars React To Rebecca Herbst's Exit


‘General Hospital’ stars take to Twitter and Facebook to express their feelings about Rebecca Herbst’s departure.

Costars Sound off on Rebecca Herbst’s Firing

Fans aren’t the only ones expressing their disappointment and sadness with Rebecca Herbst’s upcoming exit from General Hospital. Herbst’s co-stars have have also spoken out regarding the news, expressing their disappointment and offering words of encouragment for the actress.

On his Official Facebook Fan Page, Tyler Christopher posted, “In my many years on General Hospital dozens of actors of come and gone in one fashion or another. I have never been as shocked as I am now over Becky being let go. Elizabeth Webber has been an intricate part of Nikolas Cassadine since nearly the inception of the Characters. I will miss that…and my friend.”

The rest of Herbst’s castmates took to Twitter.

Laura Wright (@lldubs):
“I just heard myself – about Becky– Very sad.”

Lisa Locicero (lisalocicerogh):
“Really shocked…will miss her gorgeous smile! Becky will be snapped up by another show in no time….no doubt about it.”

Nancy Lee Grahn (@nancyleegrahn):
“I’m loving friend & fan of Becky. She’s magnificent woman of great faith that’ll sustain her through transition. If anyone can deal, she can.”

Scott Reeves (@reevesforreal):
“Just wanted to let you all know I am heartbroken over the dismissal of my amazing tv sister!!! Feels like she’s my real life sister. She is a strong, beautiful and extremely talented woman with an incredible husband by her side. I can’t wait to see what huge plans God has for them. You, the fans, are so awesome and supportive and we love you more than you know! God bless.”

Ingo Rademacher (ingorademacher):
“So very sad to hear the news of Rebecca Herbst. I love you Becky and will miss you dearly. What a loss to GH and her many fans. I couldn’t agree more. Bad decision.”

Later, he re-tweeted a comment from a fan that really hit home, “How unfortunate that only on GH it seems the vets are expendable but new characters who most viewers don’t care about, get job security.”

Steve Burton (@1steveburton):
“Hello everyone, most of you have heard the horrible and awful news about Becky. My heart breaks as I even have to tweet this. One of the best and most beautiful actresses that has been on this show. Beside that, she’s a friend and that hurts. Some show will be lucky to have her. May god bless them through this transition. Much luv to Michael and Becky.”

Former Co-Star, Greg Vaughan (@greg_vaughan):
“I’ve just heard the news & respectfully wish Becky all the love & peace over time! Once the dust settles, dust off & embrace those whom stand before u with deep love everyday & night! We love you, The Vaughan’s.”

Writer, Michele Val Jean (@MicheleValJean):  
“Becky Herbst is a gifted actress and one of my very best friends. Our bond is unique and profound and it will endure, as she will. It has been my joy, my delight and my pleasure to witness her growth as an artist and woman over the last… God. 14 years? I have every confidence she will land upright and better than ever – and that’s saying something. That’s what’s in my heart and I won’t comment further. Thanks for all your kind (and not so kind) words. I understand your anger and frustration.”

Kelly Monaco (@kellymonaco1):
“So sad and devastated by the loss of Becky, an amazingly talented woman, from the GH cast. It makes me worry about the future of Daytime.”

Kimberly McCullough (whitewatercrew):
I’m sad about Becky too…such a great actress and what a lovely person

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