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GH Previews: Week of February 21


Sonny and Brenda finally tie the knot, but the happiness of Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos is short lived when tragedy strikes.

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One Wedding and a Funeral?

On the Balkan’s orders, Shawn tries to kidnap Brenda. Before he can complete his mission, Carly arrives and threatens to blow Brenda out of the water with the news of her baby. As Carly is one the verge of exposing the secret in front of all assembled, Brenda objects to her own wedding. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam are one step behind Theo, but Sam manages to get a drop on Shawn. Brenda and Dante explain the truth about their past. An apologetic, crestfallen Brenda heads back up the aisle – only for Sonny to stop her. Sonny proclaims his undying love for Brenda and the two are announced husband and wife. The moral bone in his body forces Shawn to agree to switch sides and work with Jason and Sam against the Balkan. Privately, Theo mourns the death of his grandchild but remains one step ahead of everyone.

At the reception, Sonny confronts Carly, but she remains unrepentant. Jax arrives at the wedding and realizes he cannot get Carly back. Brenda is on cloud nine as she shares her first dance with Sonny as husband and wife. Jason and Shawn are ambushed in a Balkan trap as Theo gets the drop on Sam. Patrick and Robin reminisce about their own wedding day. Kristina and Ethan share a dance at the wedding reception. Michael is thrilled to see Abby arrive at the wedding reception, and they share a dance. Luke tips his hat to Carly for the effort to stop the wedding and offers to school her on more trickster ways. Robin and the children give a warm toast to the newlyweds. Kristina catches the wedding bouquet and jokes to Ethan that they will get married one day.

As Sonny and Brenda prepare to leave for their honeymoon, history repeats itself as Brenda is the victim of an explosion. Jason dodges bullets and Shawn is wounded but manages to take Carly hostage, forcing her to hide him in her guesthouse. Jason storms into the guesthouse to save Carly. In the aftermath of the explosion, everyone is reeling from what happened. Sonny, Robin, Edward and Jax are beside themselves with grief, anger and disbelief over what happened to Brenda. Ethan steps up and takes Kristina, Molly and Morgan home away from danger. Michael is the lone force who can calm his father down. A conflicted Lulu arrives outside of the wedding venue to comfort Dante after the tragedy. Jason worries that the Balkan’s intentions don’t add up. Later, Sonny discovers that the body may not be who they think it is…


Lucky and Siobhan manage to overcome the Balkan’s thugs and free Megan, but Siobhan won’t let Lucky leave for the States alone. Terrell makes a move on Lisa – but is derailed by Johnny. Lisa and Johnny have a heart to heart and take things to the next level. Terrell becomes increasingly difficult for Lisa to control. Lucky proposes a green card marriage to Siobhan when she is stopped trying to re-enter the United States. Elizabeth is set on a course to re-visit Aiden’s paternity. Dante is determined to make things right with Lulu, despite Tracy’s objections.

As Lisa offers solace to Johnny, Maxie seeks Matt’a help to prove that Johnny is covering for Lisa. Dante takes full responsibility for the mess of secrets and lies but Lulu is still heartbroken. Patrick tells Robin just how much he loves her. Michael is pleased to see his parents welcome Abby warmly. Lucky assures Siobhan that even if Aiden had turned out to be his – things would have ended between him and Elizabeth. Michael and Abby reveal their true feelings for one another. Siobhan remains noncommittal about a green card wedding. Steve and Olivia talk about their views on children. Tracy shares her anger with Luke for his failure to protect Lulu’s heart.


Shawn turns the tables and takes Sam hostage on Monday, February 21st.

Sonny and Brenda tie the knot on Tuesday, February 22nd.

Dante arrives on Lulu’s doorstep and she punches him out on Wednesday, February 23rd.

General Hospital revisits one of it’s most iconic moments as an explosion goes off on Thursday, February 24th.

Jason gets a phone call from his old foe, Franco on Friday, February 24th.


Jason notices something is afoot with Sam. Brenda finds herself in the Balkan’s clutches. Kristina reveals her long-term plans for Ethan. Sonny is prepared to torture Shawn for information. Patrick and Robin grow closer. Kristina watches as Sam takes a turn for the worse. Michael confides in Abby his internal struggle between upholding the law and following in his father’s footsteps. Nikolas admits his feelings to Brook. Elizabeth ponders Aiden’s true paternity. Brenda runs for her life.

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