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OLTL Previews: Week of February 21


Tess weaves Ford into her plan.

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Tess has a plan that includes marrying Ford. Brody realizes Tess has returned, notifies Viki, and they also tell Clint. Starr tells Langston that Ford is Ryder’s dad. When Langston describes the floozy she saw with Ford, Starr figures out it was Tess. Langston tells Brody she saw Ford and Tess together. Ford, who is feeling terrible about Langston, clashes with Tess over the wedding plans. Tess prevents Ford from exposing their plans to Langston and Brody, but Brody’s police resources reveal that Ford and Tess are headed to Las Vegas. Brody is on their trail to stop the wedding, unaware that Langston is following him. Will they make it in time?

Rex unloads on Clint and threatens to tell Bo about Clint having David imprisoned. Clint responds by daring Rex to make good on his threat. Meanwhile, Dorian accuses Echo of knowing that Clint was Rex’s father all along, and almost catches onto Echo’s secret that she slept with Charlie. Echo bumps into a drunken John, and offers some words of advice. Dorian visits Viki, and learns that Charlie’s been missing in action but has returned, but Dorian doesn’t share her suspicions that Charlie was with Echo. Dorian phones Echo to let her know she’s isn’t fooled.

Natalie learns Kelly and John slept together. Later Natalie tells Joey and his reaction puzzles her. Natalie bashes Kelly, and Joey trashes John. Kelly’s hangover lingers as she tells Blair about her night with John. Kelly feels guilty, and wants to patch things up with Natalie, so she heads to Llanfair with a peace offering. Joey catches Kelly before she can slip away unnoticed, and they argue about her sleeping with John. John shows up at Llanfair to see Liam and Natalie misunderstands why he came. They share a close moment with Liam, but John’s anger hasn’t subsided yet. Kelly, upset by her argument with Joey, gets a sympathetic hug from John, which Joey sees and reacts to violently.


Todd and Tea look for Dani at Dorian’s house. James steers them in the wrong direction. Dani phones Tea and tells her she’s only staying away long enough to teach Todd a lesson, and Tea keeps Todd in the dark. Dani, Nate, Starr and James all hide out at Viki’s lodge. Blair runs into Tomas who perks up when Blair tells him her ex is happily married to one Tea Delgado. After Todd storms out of the house, Tea opens the door to find her brother . . . Tomas, who abandoned her family years earlier. Upon his return, Todd instantly clashes with Tomas, and tensions escalate when Tea admits that Dani called. Shane’s tormenter is revealed.


Brody and Starr independently realize that Tess is back. Rex lays into an unapologetic Clint, swearing to tell Bo what Clint did to David on Monday,February 21.

Shane’s LHS tormentor is revealed as Jack Manning. Shane gets no help from Matthew on Tuesday, February 22.

Todd and Tea argue about Todd’s treatment of Nate and Dani after his discovery of their plans to have sex on Wednesday, February 23.

Kelly decides she has to find a way to apologize to Natalie, and she shows up at the Lord kitchen, planning to leave a pie as a piece offering and a note and slip away, but Joey catches her on Thursday, February 24.

Kelly and Joey have it out about Kelly’s one-nighter with John. Kelly ends up being comforted by John. Joey finds them together and attacks John on Friday, February 25.

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