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AMC Previews: Week of February 21


Amanda’s insecurities put Cara at risk.

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Amanda confesses to Tad that she triggered the investigation into Cara’s past because she was worried about her marriage. Cara denies that she’s a terrorist, and explains that her background search is so sketchy because she had a relapse and Griffin was treating her. Jake steps in with the feds and vouches for Cara, then heads to the hospital to create paperwork making it seem that Cara is indispensible to the hospital. Tad and Cara pretend to be engaged to persuade the immigration agents to back off. Jake’s discomfort with the pretend arrangement grows when Tad says they will become officially engaged to keep immigration off their backs. Tad breaks the news of his “engagement” to Krystal, and Krystal is more upset than she lets on. Griffin tells Jake he must not show his feelings for Cara or the ruse will not succeed. Amanda tells Jake she made a call to immigration to try and undo the problems she’s caused. Jake finally unleashes his anger at Amanda for not trusting him and risking Cara’s safety.

Ryan is frantic to find Annie and Emma and he’s not letting go of his suspicions of JR and David and their respective roles in helping Annie. Jesse, Greenlee and Ryan demand David tell them where Annie and Emma are, but David insists he doesn’t know. When he believes he is alone, he calls Annie and Ryan catches him in the act. Greenlee shows Marissa the photo of David with Annie and asks her to help them get to the truth. When Marissa threatens to cut off all contact with David, he admits that Annie and Emma are staying at his cabin. When Ryan gets to the cabin, Annie and Emma are gone. Marissa helps Ryan plant a bug at Chandler Enterprises to keep tabs on JR. Ryan, Greenlee and JR set a trap for Annie, but as JR sets up the honeymoon suite, Madison calls and informs Ryan that she heard from Emma and they’re headed somewhere else.


Madison tells Greenlee to stop playing matchmaker for her. Scott asks Madison to be his roommate. Liza tells Colby she slept with Damon. Asher comforts Colby and confesses he knew that Damon and Liza had sex. Krystal leans on Jack over her emotions about Tad’s engagement. Jackson confronts Erica about the problems they’ve been having, and Erica realizes she has to resign from Cortlandt Electronics. Kendall is released from the hospital. Once she gets home she opens the metal box that Ryan recovered from Zach’s plane, as Ricky watches. Kendall is upset by the contents, but when the kids arrive she puts the box away, leaving Ricky free to swipe the page containing the evidence he is looking for.


David denies knowing anything about Emma’s disappearance. Once alone, David places a call to Annie and Ryan busts in and confronts him on Monday, February 21.

Marissa decides she is no longer going to speak to David anymore. Ryan tells Greenlee that Annie isn’t at the cabin and fled on Tuesday, February 22.

Liza tries to explain exactly what happened between her and Damon to Colby. Asher offers Colby a shoulder to cry on and she clings to him on Wednesday, February 23.

Kendall receives a package (the metal box) and Ricky watches her open it from nearby. Kendall is shocked when she reads a letter from Zach about his ‘untimely’ death on Thursday, February 24.

Scott convinces Madison to move in with him so they can split the rent. Kendall freaks out over the contents of Zach’s letter on Friday, February 25.

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