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GH Previews: Week of February 28


Brenda awakens to find herself in the Balkan’s clutches.

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The Corpse Bride

After figuring out the body is not Brenda, Sonny makes it his mission to get answers from Shawn on Brenda’s whereabouts. Dante tries to figure out how the Balkan set up the car bombing. Michael and Morgan arrive home as Sonny bursts into the guesthouse where Carly is helping Shawn recover. Theo turns lethal on Suzanne. Brenda awakens to find herself in the Balkan’s clutches. Sonny is prepared to torture Shawn for the information he needs. Carly and Michael try to talk Sonny down, but Dante finally gets through to his father to not use mob tactics in front of his kids. Michael wants to help his father find Brenda in any capacity, while Dante offers help with his legal resources.

Elsewhere, Brenda tries to get help but is shocked when Theo interrogates her about his grandchild. Theo evades Suzanne’s questions about Brenda’s whereabouts. Shawn manages to escape a Balkan assassin who attacks him at General Hospital. Brenda makes it clear to Theo that Suzanne was indeed present when her child was stillborn. Brenda tries to escape. A concerned Sonny asks Lulu to help keep Dante away from the search for Brenda. Shawn convinces Jason to let him do recon on Theo. Molly recognizes Shawn’s hospital attacker. Michael goes after Shawn’s attacker only to be held at gunpoint as Dante arrives on the scene. Sonny continues his fear campaign to get a lead on Brenda’s location. While he gets no help from Jax, Dante finds a clever way to cooperate with Sonny when they take the Balkan assassin into custody.


Jason notices something is wrong when Sam loses her hearing. Lulu’s faith in Dante is restored. Patrick and Robin work together at the hospital. Ethan listens as Kristina tells him about her own experiences with a car bombing. Luke shows kindness to a crushed Edward. Kristina reveals her long-term plans for Ethan. Luke and Sonny discuss being fathers to cops. The Davis Family supports Sam as she struggles with hearing loss.

Terrell wants Robin to partner with him on an AIDS grant proposal. Nikolas and Brook Lynn admit their mutual feelings, but things get too intense for Nikolas. Sam makes a full recovery. Michael confides in Abby of his internal struggle between upholding the law and following in the footsteps of his father. Once again, Elizabeth ponders the true paternity of Aiden as she looks through photos.


Jason receives a second phone call from Franco hinting that he is in bed with the Balkan on Monday, February 28th.

Robin leans on Patrick in the aftermath of the wedding on Tuesday, March 1st.

Brook Lynn and Elizabeth call each other out on Wednesday, March 2nd.

It is revealed Brenda’s baby may actually be alive on Thursday, March 3rd.

Brenda escapes the Balkan’s clutches and runs for her life through the woods, still in her wedding reception dress, on Friday, March 4th.


Sonny and Dante team up to get information from the Balkan’s assassin on Brenda’s whereabouts. Luke and Lucky talk about marriage. Jason and Sam get romantic at the hospital. Nikolas and Brook Lynn have sex. Maxie sets out to nail Lisa. Luke offers his services to help Carly blackmail Jax. Theo injects Brenda with a deadly neuro-toxin.

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