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OLTL Previews: Week of February 28


Rex tells Bo that Clint imprisoned David.

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Rex tells Gigi about Clint imprisoning David, and admits that he’s known for quite some time. Gigi encourages Rex to come clean with Bo. Rex meets with Bo and confesses. Bo suffers another setback when Vimal recants his statement, exonerating Clint of any involvement in the DNA switching. Bo rejects Rex’s help to find David. Gigi comforts Rex and encourages him to make things right with Bo. Nora sends Bo to Morocco to rescue David. Cutter sees Dorian’s torn photo of David and she opens up with him about her true feelings for David.

Langston and Brody are too late to prevent Tess and Bobby Ford from marrying. Brody trumps up charges against Tess and Ford as an excuse to arrest them. When the foursome arrives back in Llanview, Clint, Viki and Dr. Levin meet them to take Tess to St. Ann’s. Clever Tess informs them only her husband can commit her. Viki tells Charlie about Jessica’s relapse. When Bobby Ford becomes annoyed with Tess’s lack of progress in getting his son, Tess assures him everything is proceeding according to plan and sets about accomplishing phase two of her plan. No one has gotten word to Natalie that Tess is back, so when Tess shows up at Foxy Roxy’s, Natalie allows her to take Ryder. Viki tries to convince Ford to help her with Tess, but Ford tells her that Clint’s heavy-handed tactics leave him no choice but to work with Tess to get his son back.


Tomas tries to convince Tea to leave Todd. Blair learns that Tomas is Tea’s brother. James and Starr clear things up. Starr tries to convince Dani to go home. Todd finds the kids, and Tea shows up in time to see Todd’s latest rampage and rescues them. Tea threatens to leave Todd. Joey finds John with his hands on Kelly, and takes a swing at him. John and Kelly examine the turn in their new relationship. When Roxy finds Kelly in John’s bed, she had some harsh words. Roxy tries to convince John to patch things up with Natalie. Later in the week, John visits Marty. Dorian confronts Echo about sleeping with Charlie. Echo shows up at Llanfair and tells Viki there’s something she needs to know.


James and Starr clear the air. Joey throws a punch when he finds John with his hands on Kelly. on Monday,February 28.

John and Kelly examine their new relationship. Aubrey seizes on an opportunity to suggest that she and Joey move in with Clint at Asa’s mansion on Tuesday, March 1.

Wendy Williams debuts as ‘”Access Llanview” host Phyllis Rose. Clint, Viki and Dr. Levin arrive to take Tess to St. Ann’s, but Tess outfoxes them as only her husband can commit her now on Wednesday, March 2.

Todd corners Inez and threatens her until she tells him where Nate and Dani are on Thursday, March 3.

Marty is pleased that things have worked out just as she’d hoped and makes a cryptic comment about John having lost his son on Friday, March 4.

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