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AMC Previews: Week of February 28


Tad and Cara face a surprising obstacle to their wedding.

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Jake remains very upset with Amanda. Amanda wants to get to know Cara better, but Cara isn’t receptive. Tad shares stories of his life with Cara so they can perpetuate the sham marriage, but when Tad asks Cara about Jake, she bolts. Jake shares with Tad why he fell in love with Cara. Tad and Cara gather friends and family to legitimize the relationship. Agent Kaye asks Tad and Cara questions about their marriage. Krystal reads Tad the riot act and worries about the kids finding out about his ruse, but agrees to help cover for him. Griffin tells Tad that after Cara and Jake split, her leukemia returned. Griffin asks Tad to look out for Cara when he returns to the field. Letitia, Griffin and Cara’s mother, arrives in Pine Valley and meets Tad for the first time. Tad tries to convince his future mother-in-law that all is well, but Letitia remains confounded that Cara would marry the brother of her loathsome ex. Kendall overhears Griffin and Cara talking about the fake marriage but agrees to stay quiet. Tad tells Griffin Letitia is in town, and Griffin tries to smooth things over, but Letitia insists she will do whatever it takes to prevent Cara from repeating past mistakes and plans to stop the wedding. Amanda watches as Cara tries to return Jake’s ring.

Bianca shares the news with Erica that she and Reese are divorcing and she urges Erica to be very certain Jackson is the right man for her before they marry. Bianca changes her mind about allowing the children to go be with Reese for Spring Break. Jackson and Krystal work together on the Cara case, and Opal lets it slip that Erica and Caleb kissed. Opal informs Caleb that Erica will remain his partner at Cortlandt Enterprises. Jackson confronts Erica, and Erica calls out Krystal. Jackson refuses to fire Krystal when Erica demands it, and questions whether or not he can still trust Erica. Over Erica’s objections, Jackson decides to move out. Kendall tells Griffin about the missing page of the letter, but Ricky tries to convince her that her grief is playing tricks with her mind. Ricky’s co-conspirator, Diane, pretends to be a journalist to get information about Kendall and Zach. Kendall is troubled by the letter, because Zach used “sweetheart”, an endearment he always hated. Kendall is convinced her medication is causing her memory lapses. Diane demands Ricky find the evidence they need today. Ricky persuades Kendall to take him to the yacht after she explains it was a special place for her and Zach.


As Madison recounts Emma’s call for Ryan, she feels the baby kick and is tempted to tell him the truth. Greenlee explains to Scott why she isn’t telling Ryan he’s the father of Madison’s baby. Ryan’s anger over Annie keeping Emma from him worries Greenlee. Greenlee offers to help David get his medical license back if he finds Annie. Madison goes for her sonogram, and is upset when Ryan shows up unexpectedly, but Scott comes to her rescue. Asher admits to Colby that he knew Liza and Damon slept together. Colby vents her frustration about Liza and Damon on a video blog. Asher helps Colby remove the video blog, but not before it goes viral.


Asher admits to Colby he knew the truth and she’s upset with him for keeping it from her. In order to deal with the stress in her life, Colby takes to her webcam on Monday, February 28.

Tad shares his “secrets/stories” but when he asks about Jake she abruptly exits. Jake tells Tad why he fell in love with Cara on Tuesday, March 1.

Tad and Cara gather the family together as they try and make their fake marriage more “official” on Wednesday, March 2.

Tad introduces himself to Leticia, Griffin and Cara’s mom who’s come to town and she questions why her daughter would marry the brother of her no good ex-husband on Thursday, March 3.

Leticia tells Griffin she plans to do whatever it takes to stop the wedding. Amanda watches from afar as Cara tries to give Jake back his ring on Friday, March 4.

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