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GH Previews: Week of February 14


Enemies set out to wreck Sonny and Brenda’s wedding day.

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Wedding Crashers

Sonny and Brenda manage to temporarily avoid pre-wedding madness to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but the wedding saboteur strikes once more when Sonny’s wedding ring goes missing. In Ireland, Lucky and Siobhan manage to outwit the Balkan’s men but are unable to locate Siobhan’s sister. Dante and Lulu reconnect at the opera, and Dante is affected by its message. Sonny discovers the true identity of the wedding saboteur and sets the person straight. Sonny vows to marry Brenda and prove all of their naysayers wrong. Lucky and Siobhan find a clue. Lulu makes Dante work for make-up sex. Luke and Carly discuss Brenda’s wedding. Luke advises his niece to confront Brenda with the truth before the wedding.

The Balkan wants revenge on Sonny & Brenda’s wedding day. Brenda prepares for her wedding with Robin, Kristina and Molly when Carly knocks on her door. Jason and Sam discuss their suspicions of Theo with Dante. The trio sets Spinelli on an 11th hour DNA search for the Balkan’s identity. Robin asks Patrick to cover for her at the hospital while she helps Brenda get ready for the wedding. It seems Robin’s only patient in need is one Theo Hoffman. Despite Robin’s support, a nervous Brenda still worries the wedding will not happen. Dante tells Sonny that he has realized no other man has ever stood a chance in Brenda’s life. Sonny, Dante and Michael share a family moment together. Jason and Sam discuss how happy they are in their relationship and how much happier they will be when Brenda is no longer staying at the Penthouse. Edward shows up to talk Brenda out of the wedding one last time.

Kristina invites Ethan to attend the wedding as her date. It’s Sonny and Brenda’s wedding day, but the Balkan’s kidnapper lays trap to Brenda. Molly learns the identity of the Balkan. Jason and Sam attempt to catch the Balkan but are too late. Robin is thrilled when Patrick shows up for the wedding. Robin tries to recruit Edward to walk Brenda down the aisle when Jason is a no-show. A restrained Carly knocks out her captors and arrives at the ceremony just as Brenda is about to walk down the aisle…


After Sam and Jason get the pregnancy results, an intruder interrupts their romantic evening. Johnny tries to steer Lisa clear of going down the same path Claudia traveled down. Michael and Abby inform Johnny that Abby has had her last night working the pole.

Lulu helps a short-handed Luke run Kelly’s Diner for the day. Spinelli has another black and white fantasy as a gumshoe. Luke worries about Dante breaking Lulu’s heart again with Carly’s bombshell looming.


Patrick and Terrell duke it out via karaoke on Monday, February 14th.

Jason considers the possibility that Theo is the Balkan on Tuesday, February 15th.

Sonny plans to have Carly kidnapped to get her out of the way of the ceremony on Wednesday, February 16th.

Spinelli learns the identity of the Balkan but Molly is already in danger on Thursday, February 17th.

Sonny and Brenda’s wedding day has finally arrived on Friday, February 18th!


Carly makes good on her threat. Sam is taken hostage. Lisa and Johnny bump uglies. Brenda and Dante come clean. Jax realizes he’s lost Carly for good. Maxie relies on Matt’s help. Patrick tells Robin how much he loves her. The wedding takes a violent turn. Jason gets a call from Franco.

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