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OLTL Previews: Week of February 14


John and Kelly drown their sorrows and a familiar face makes a re-appearance.

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After forcing Natalie to tell Brody and Jessica that Brody is Liam’s father, John hits the skids and begins drowning his sorrows. The trauma of learning Brody is Liam’s father is the final straw for Jessica, and her alternate personality Tess emerges. Tess promptly sets out to introduce herself to Ryder’s real daddy, Bobby Ford, and she offers to let him see his son. Langston has been waiting for Ford at Capricorn for their special date, and she sees him wandering off with a blonde tramp. John meets up with Kelly, who is equally devastated because Joey and Aubrey decided to take advantage of the wedding setup to tie the knot themselves, and they get loaded and leave the bar together. John and Kelly wind up in a dive, mix it up with some rough characters and narrowly escape a brawl. Natalie and Brody have it out over her lies. Ford distracts Natalie and Brody so that Tess can get some legal documents. Tess clues Ford in on her plan, which will make him wealthy and give him his son. Ford is forced to stand up Langston. John and Kelly wake up in bed together with hangovers, and Natalie finds John just as Kelly is exiting the shower.


James and Starr come face to face, but before they can get things cleared up, they get an TVS from Dani. Dani and Nate are about to have sex when Todd interrupts. Starr and James arrive just in time to diffuse the situation. While Viki, Rex, and Gigi are worried he will start drinking, Charlie winds up in bed with Echo. Blair tells Cristian about Tomas, and regrets sending him away. Aubrey tells Clint she can use her connections with Rama to help with his legal troubles if he won’t show the damning DVD to Joey and Clint agrees. Joey and Rex have a brotherly conversation and Rex confronts Clint.


Joey marries Aubrey. Jessica gets a visit from a familiar face when Tess takes over on Monday, February 14.

Blair tells Cristian about Tomas visit, saying she’s almost sorry she sent him away on Tuesday, February 15.

Brody and Natalie have it out about her having lied about the paternity of his son. John and Kelly show up in a roadside bar and get into an altercation with some dangerous bikers on Wednesday, February 16.

Tess divulges her plan to Ford, which will net him a lot of money and his son Ryder. Blair’s interest in Tomas grows after he offers Langston some advice on Thursday, February 17.

John insists Kelly was trying to get back at Joey by sleeping with him, just as John was doing the same to Natalie. Natalie finds John as Kelly walks out of the shower in a towel on Friday, February 18.

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