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AMC Previews: Week of February 14


Greenlee and Ryan’s wedding day is filled with chaos as secrets are revealed.

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Ryan and Greenlee’s wedding day is filled with chaos. Ryan learns Madison is pregnant, but Scott covers and says he is the father. Later Scott feigns surprise when Madison tells him Greenlee already knew she was pregnant. Annie’s insanity peaks. She creates a gas leak, and then leaves Marissa locked up in the attic. Jesse releases JR to take care of some personal business, and he goes to take Annie to Oak Glen. Annie confesses she locked up Marissa. JR frees Marissa, and they search Annie’s room at the Yacht Club. Marissa realizes JR has been staying with Annie. JR admits he is in a relationship with Annie, and Marissa feels foolish for believing in him. Annie manages to lure Emma away from the wedding ceremony on the pretext of an adventure. With David’s help Annie gets away. Ryan discovers Emma is missing and blames everyone who is close to Annie for Emma’s disappearance. Asher declines Caleb’s invitation to live with him because he doesn’t want to abandon JR. JR apologizes to Marissa for his deception, but Marissa wants nothing to do with him. Greenlee comforts Ryan when he listens to a voice mail message from Annie and Emma. Ryan and Jesse discover the car Annie was driving abandoned near the woods. Ryan reassures Spike that Emma is just on a big adventure. Ryan learns that David helped Annie escape with Emma.

Amanda confronts Jake about his feelings for Cara. Jake assures Amanda she is the one he loves. Amanda asks Cara to stop wearing Jake’s ring on her necklace, and Cara refuses, telling Amanda to just deal with the fact that Jake loved another woman before her. Tad tells Jake about the dangers facing Cara if she returns to Doctors without Borders. Amanda calls immigration and reports Cara. Tad sets up a charade funeral to protect Cara. When Tad tells Amanda about his plan, she tries to call off the immigration complaint, but two men show up and cart Cara away.


David tries to convince Liza that he’s turned over a new leave. Colby tells Liza she plans to go see Damon and Asher overhears. Erica is jealous when she sees Jackson and Krystal sharing cake. Bianca debates whether or not to keep fighting for Reese. Marissa agrees to represent Bianca in her divorce/custody proceedings but admits it will be a tough fight. Griffin and Ricky amp up their rivalry for Kendall. Dianne and Ricky meet and Dianne chastises Ricky for letting his feelings for Kendall get in the way of finding the evidence that Zack had regarding the casino. She makes a threat against Kendall if the evidence isn’t located.


After learning Madison is pregnant, Ryan tells Greenlee he is fine, he just wants to go on with the wedding and by day’s end they are pronounced husband and wife on Monday, February 14.

Annie convinces Emma to leave the wedding with her and claims they are going on an adventure. David helps her get away and says he will take care of everything on Tuesday, February 15.

Insecure over Cara and Jake, Amanda questions Jake on what he felt when his ex admitted she still loved him on Wednesday, February 16.

Both Griffin and Ricky try to establish a relationship with Kendall while trying to knock down the other. Ricky consoles Kendall about Emma and they share a kiss on Thursday, February 17.

Kendall consoles Bianca when she says that she and Reese are divorcing on Friday, February 18.

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