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AMC Previews: Week of February 7


JR tries to protect Annie.  Griffin hides his feelings for Kendall. Greenlee tells Ryan Madison is pregnant.

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While still in the ambulance, Griffin persuades Kendall to agree to emergency surgery and he asks David to assist. Kendall’s surgery is successful. Kendall and Griffin acknowledge that when Kendall said she loved him, she thought he was Zach. Kendall tells Erica that she remembers that she is the one who shot David. Erica explains that she didn’t tell Kendall the truth to protect her from the stress. David uses the shooting to convince Erica to help him get out of prison and Erica sets up a hearing with the Governor. Jack is furious with Erica for aiding David. David is released from prison, and he tells Ryan he wants to be a better man, and he wants to be a doctor again. Kendall tells Ricky she felt like Zach was with her in the ambulance. Griffin fights his feelings for Kendal, but when he hears Ricky invite her to dinner he quizzes Ricky about their relationship. Later Ricky has a conversation with someone and assures them that his feelings for Kendall will not get in the way of his assignment.

After consulting with Dr. Burke, JR decides to help Annie and when Annie arrives for her appointment, she blurts out that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Although still cuffed to a chair, Colby manages to get to Annie’s cell phone and send JR a text message. Annie asks JR to give her some time alone and returns to Colby, who admits everyone believes she is visiting Adam so Annie has a cover. After hearing a suspicious conversation between JR and Annie, Asher decides to go find Colby. When Asher tells JR that Annie was holding Colby prisoner, JR promises to handle it. JR calls Dr. Burke and says he will try to persuade Annie to commit herself. Tad tells JR he knows it was his car that crashed into the ambulance carrying Kendall, and JR immediately realizes Annie was driving. Although JR tells Tad to let him handle Annie, Tad takes the liberty of having commitment papers drawn up. Just as JR is beginning to discuss Annie’s mental health with her, the police arrive and take him into custody for the car crash. Annie finds the commitment papers and is certain Marissa is out to get her. Marissa shows up looking for JR and following a scuffle, Marissa falls and suffers a head injury that leaves her unconscious.


Erica and Jackson’s relationship grows rockier, and she declines attending Ryan and Greenlee’s wedding with Jackson. On the wedding day, Greenlee finds Madison at Fusion holding a bouquet. Madison apologizes and runs away, but she left her cell phone behind. When she returns to retrieve it, Ryan notices she’s having trouble bending over. Greenlee blurts out that Madison is pregnant. Cara admits to Jake that she still loves him and only left him to keep him safe.


Jake notices Cara’s wedding ring when her necklace falls off. Jesse, Bianca, Caleb and Jackson console Erica as she worries about Kendall’s roadside surgery on Monday, February 7.

Kendall and Griffin both realize that when she said, “I Love You”, she thought he was Zach on Tuesday, February 8.

Tad becomes protective of Liza when David offers to buy her a drink. Griffin tries to hide his feeling for Kendall but after overhearing Ricky suggesting they get dinner one night he questions him about his relations with Kendall on Wednesday, February 9.

Greenlee blurts out that Madison is pregnant on Thursday, February 10.

Friday, February 11: Encore Episode

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