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OLTL Previews: Week of February 7


Clint is exposed and Natalie and Jessica’s wedding is rocked.

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The happy wedding day is riddled with fears, doubts, drama and reveals. John is troubled by Marty’s accusations, but a conversation with Pete sets him straight. Brody agrees to keep the ONS secret. When Natalie tells Gigi everything, Gigi persuades her to look for the silver lining and find joy. The wedding begins, but it’s not long before Vimal interrupts the proceedings to announce that Clint hired him to change Rex’s paternity results, and Clint is really Rex’s father. Clint’s justifies his actions by talking trash about Rex, at which point Charlie goes after Clint, but is subdued by John and Brody. Charlie makes his exist and Rex and Gigi go after him. Meanwhile, Vimal isn’t finished sharing secrets. He informs the wedding guests that he also changed Jessica’s paternity test and her baby’s father is really Robert Ford. Jessica pleads with Brody to accept Ryder as his own, but Brody is overcome with guilt and confesses that he slept with Natalie. Jessica realizes that Natalie also had a paternity test, but Brody assures her that he is not the father of Natalie’s baby. In the midst of all this chaos, John’s suspicions surface and he gets Natalie alone and confronts her. Natalie tries to dodge John’s interrogation, but ultimately is forced to admit that she slept with Brody. Natalie tries to defend herself to John, but he walks out on her and comes face to face with Jessica. After Todd breaks the news about Jessica’s baby to Dani and Tea, Dani rushes to share it with Nate. They discuss whether or not to tell Ford he is the father, unaware that Ford is eavesdropping.


Starr breaks things off with Cole, and with Langston’s encouragement, goes to see James. Starr arrives just in time to find James with Michelle. Believing James and Michelle slept together, Starr doesn’t tell James she broke up with Cole. Aubrey and Cutter manage to stay ahead of Clint yet again. They doctor the dvd Clint made of their conversations, so when Clint gives it to Kelly and she then hands it over to Joey, it only shows Aubrey musing over how much she loves him. Joey thinks Kelly planted a camera in Aubrey’s room and goes off on her. Blair is surprised by Tomas. Charlie takes a drink.


Cutter and Aubrey handle the problem with the footage Clint has of them. Joey and Kelly share a fraught moment. The wedding begins on Monday, February 7.

The wedding is interrupted when Vimal tells those gathered that Clint jiggered the DNA test to say Charlie was Rex’s father, not Clint on Tuesday, February 8.

Clint slips Kelly the DVD that tells all about Aubrey and Cutter on Wednesday, February 9.

Jessica is stunned to learn of Brody and Natalie’s one night stand, and John walks out on Natalie on Thursday, February 10.

Friday February 11: Encore Episode.

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