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GH Previews: Week of February 7


An impatient Lisa resorts to desperate measures.

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Dangerous Liaisons

Terrell and Lisa continue to work against Patrick and Robin. Patrick confronts Johnny once more and implores the mobster to admit to Lisa’s treachery. Lisa orchestrates a situation for Patrick to find Robin in what appears to be a romantic tryst with Terrell. Patrick fears the worst while Terrell continues to impress Robin. A jealous Patrick plans to storm in on Robin getting intimate with Terrell but he is intercepted by Maxie, and they two witness Robin and Terrell emerge together.

Matt actually encourages Maxie to meddle, hoping to salvage the pieces of Patrick and Robin’s relationship. Impatient with Terrell’s progress, a desperate Lisa decides to take things to the next level. While at Jake’s, Lisa secretly drugs Patrick’s beer. Johnny privately admits to Ethan the reason he is attracted to Lisa.


Brenda accuses Carly of trashing her wedding gown and they face off. Sonny suggests he and Brenda elope to avoid Carly’s inevitable shenanigans, but Brenda maintains that she wants a family wedding. Nikolas and Brook Lynn share a night out at Jake’s, only to run into Elizabeth and Steve. Maxie pushes Lulu and Dante to get back together. Carol the wedding planner delivers Brenda bad news – the Archer Pavilion has been deliberately flooded. Sonny assures Michael of his love, despite what happened in Pentonville. Lucky ignores Jason’s warning about Siobhan, but Siobhan has her own misgivings about putting Lucky’s life in jeopardy. Carly is shocked when Ronnie questions her regarding the Archer Pavilion vandalism.

Luke cautions Lulu to not accept Dante back into her life so easily. Tracy refuses Luke’s apologetic attempt to get her out of jail. Michael begs Dante not to quit PCPD on his account. Brook Lynn slings a karaoke shot at Elizabeth. While Jason does not believe Carly is guilty, Sonny is sure of it and tells Carly to back-off. Brenda’s resolve is tested as Luke helps Carly contemplate stopping the wedding. Lucky walks right into the Balkan’s trap. With both Spinelli and Michael’s help, Lulu springs a Valentine’s Day surprise on Dante.


Sam sets out to prove to Maxie she is not pregnant on Monday, February 7th.

Michael’s first therapy session concludes with him resolving to get revenge on Franco on Tuesday, February 8th.

Nikolas witness firsthand the force of the Brook versus Elizabeth rivalry on Wednesday, February 9th.

Maxie helps Jason set a romantic evening for Sam on Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 10th.

GH airs an encore episode of Robin & Patrick’s second wedding on Friday, February 10th.


Sonny’s wedding ring is missing. Dante and Lulu reconnect. Jason and Sam get the results of her pregnancy test. Lucky is grave danger. Sonny and his eldest boys share a family moment. Sonny and Brenda’s wedding day has arrived. Will Carly stop their wedding?

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