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Y&R Previews: Week of February 7


Y&R Previews: Week of February 7

Chloe and Jana face off over Kevin.


Kevin and Chloe are totally clueless as to what Jana is up to. Chloe reconsiders being with Kevin. Gloria and Katherine team up to push Chloe and Kevin together for Valentine’s Day. Jana does her best to put the kibosh on Kevin’s romantic evening with Chloe. Victor learns about Nick’s relationship with his ex-stepmother. Diane wants more from Nick than just a booty call, but Nick isn’t down for it. Victor puts his relationship with Diane on blast on Valentine’s Day.

Victor shocks Nick and Diane. Diane realizes that she has feelings for Nick just as she realizes that Victor is holding all the cards. Deacon attempts to hide his scheming with Meggie from Nikki. Genoa City is shocked when Deacon and Nikki go public. Sharon loses Faith, and Adam goes on a mission to get her back. Another crisis occurs in the Chancellor family. Phillip returns to Genoa City. Chance comes out of hiding to save Ronan.


Monday – Jill gets a surprise visitor. Kevin forces Jana to face the truth. Chloe has doubts about her relationship with Kevin.

Tuesday – Jana confronts Chloe. Paul and Nina are surprised to see Nate. Jack and Phyllis help Sharon.

Wednesday – Adam launches a new scheme. Jack and Phyllis search for clues in Hawaii. Nick checks up on Victor.

Thursday – Lily struggles with Cane’s death. Ronan is missing. Malcolm is unable to forgive Sofia.

Friday – Phyllis finds evidence against Victor. Nikki has a secret admirer. Kay and Gloria play matchmakers.

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