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Steffy isn’t pleased with the developments in her family since she left town.


Bill accuses Amber of trying to kill Liam. He promises to make her pay. The police have a few questions for Amber. Hope hears about the explosion and rushes to Liam’s side. Bill has a heart to heart with Steffy. Amber begs Stephanie to help her. Bill sets up a private meeting with Amber and makes her an offer after she tries to leave. Bill becomes more enraged with Amber when Liam experiences a medical setback. Bill sets out to take Amber down. Nick and Oliver discuss Oliver’s chances with Hope. Steffy is pissed when she discovers that Stephanie and Brooke are sudden besties. Steffy goes back to fight Brooke at Forrester Creations. Steffy gives Brooke hell for her role in the Taboo debacle as Ridge enters.


Monday – Bill is overwhelmed with the gravity of Liam’s condition. Bill demands that Amber be arrested. Amber visits an unconscious Liam and makes a heartfelt confession. Hope and Amber exchange verbal jabs.

Tuesday – Thomas surprises Dayzee with a romantic dinner date, but Dayzee isn’t sure if she can trust him. Steffy is bluntly opposed to Stephanie’s new attitude. Brooke and Ridge are curious about Thomas’ secret date.

Wednesday – Amber turns to Stephanie for advice and assistance about her financial situation. Thomas and Dayzee discuss their budding relationship. Bill makes a startling confession to Steffy. Bill calls Amber for a private meeting at his home.

Thursday – Hope’s greeted with a surprise in Liam’s hospital room. Nick encourages Oliver to pursue Hope again. An enraged Bill chides Amber for ruining Liam’s life, then he makes her a surprising offer.

Friday – Brooke and Steffy go head-to-head over the company. Liam has another health scare, which further fuels Bill’s rage toward Amber. Steffy tells Brooke how she truly feels about the Taboo line and Brooke’s involvement with Thomas.

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