DAYS Previews: Week of February 21

DAYS Previews: Week of February 14

It’s the wedding of EJ and Nicole DiMera; Kate sets her sights on Chloe; Chad is warned away from the DiMeras.


Monday – Imposter Rafe and Stefano make plans for Allie to disappear. Johnny receives his prosthetic eye. Chloe confesses to Philip that she left Parker alone at Maggie’s with the oven on. Daniel thinks Chloe has postpartum depression.

Tuesday – Nicole hopes EJ and Taylor will hit off when they meet. Chad agrees to be EJ’s best man. Vivian finds out that Brady has control over Titan. Kate convinces Chloe to throw out her postpartum pills.

Wednesday – Stefano continues to torment Rafe. Nicole confesses to Taylor that she’s falling in love with EJ. Chloe feels the effect of not using her medication. Bo and Hope try to have a special date. EJ and Nicole’s wedding begins.

Thursday – Chloe takes a turn for the worse, which leads to drastic measures. Jennifer and Daniel grow closer. Rafe uses a stolen cell phone to get in touch with Roman. EJ and Taylor manage to cover their surprise.

Friday – Nicole witnesses an intense moment between Taylor and EJ. Abe warns Chad to stay away from the DiMeras. Melanie gets angry when Philip becomes protective of Chloe. Hope gets an answer about returning to work.

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