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B&B Previews: Week of February 14


B&B Previews: Week of February 14

Bill isn’t pleased when Amber rejects his offer; Dayzee questions Thomas’ intentions.


Liam is named the father of Amber’s baby. Amber wants Tawny GONE. Bill and Brooke unite for the greater good. Ridge is none too pleased. Bill makes Amber an offer she refuses, forcing Bill to issue a threat. Steffy comes home and joins forces with Hope. Amber receives a warning (or two). Steffy sets her sights on a new man. Liam demands answers from Amber about their one night stand. Tawny’s trailer explodes and Liam is critically wounded in the blast. The blame game begins. Dayzee questions Thomas’ intentions.


Monday – Dayzee confronts Thomas about why he kissed her. Bill warns Amber about the penalty for extortion. The results of the paternity test are revealed.

Tuesday – Amber sends her mother out of town. Brooke talks to Hope about her daughter’s future. Liam makes assurances to Hope.

Wednesday – Steffy returns to town from Paris and surprisingly befriends Hope. Nick brokers a deal for Bill and Katie on a new house on the cliffs of Malibu. Brooke visits Amber and gives her some advice.

Thursday – Steffy’s family welcomes her back, and she informs them she has her eye on a special someone. Hope confides in Oliver. Amber is given guidelines for interacting with her child’s father.

Friday – Amber saves someone’s life, but is accused of trying to harm the person. The injured party’s family is overwhelmed with emotions at the hospital.

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