DAYS Previews: Week of February 14

DAYS Previews: Week of February 14

As EJ and Nicole make plans for their wedding, Taylor’s can’t stop thinking about EJ.


Monday – Bo and Hope decide they are willing to start over. Kate and Melanie clarif the terms of their agreement. Philip and Maggie promise to take care of Chloe. Nicole asks Taylor to be in her wedding. Imposter Rafe buys the wrong cookies for Allie.

Tuesday – Maggie learns about Brady betraying Victor. Kayla leaves town. Bo and Hope have Valentine’s Day dinner with their family. Imposter Rafe romances Sami. Taylor turns down a job offer from Brady.

Wednesday – EJ offers Nicole an engagement ring. Taylor has a fantasy about EJ. Melanie tells Philip she wants to give their relationship another chance. Stefano tries to reconnect with Chad. Will and Gabi share a Valentine’s kiss.

Thursday – Victor and Brady have a nasty argument. Gabi and Will back down on their judgment of Chad. Victor finds Maggie toasting to her and Mickey’s anniversary. Chad shows Will the torn picture of Allie he found.

Friday – Sami’s neighbor insists she saw Rafe being dragged down the hall. Jennifer sees how compatible Carly and Daniel are, so she plays matchmaker. EJ asks Chad to be his best man. Gabi and Will show Sami and imposter Rafe the torn picture of Allie.

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