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B&B Previews: Week of February 7


B&B Previews: Week of February 7

Amber is pressured to take a paternity test; Stephanie stages an intervention.


Monday is the 6000th episode! Nick receives an intervention courtesy of Stephanie. Aggie joins the fight to stop Nick from smoking. Liam tells Bill about Amber and her claim that he is her baby’s daddy. Bill sets out to find the truth. Amber is pressured to take a paternity test. She does her best to get out of it. Carl and Tawny race to the lab to the switch the paternity test results, but things go awry. Stephanie and Thomas have a heart to heart about Brooke. Thomas takes a serious interest in Dayzee.


Monday – Stephanie invites lung-cancer patients to her home to meet with Nick in an attempt to convince him to quit smoking. Lung-cancer survivor Kathryn Joosten guest stars and tells her story.

Tuesday – Nick has difficulty fighting his cigar cravings, Aggie finds out about the spot on Nick’s lung. Brooke shares her concerns with Bill about Hope and Liam’s relationship. Hope confronts Amber and demands proof of her pregnancy.

Wednesday – Stephanie questions Thomas about his love life and asks him for a favor. Liam reluctantly confesses to Bill about Amber’s pregnancy. Brooke confronts Amber about her scheme. Bill demands that Amber take a paternity test.

Thursday – Amber objects to taking a paternity test because of the harm it may cause her baby. Tawny assures everyone that the test will prove Liam is the father. Thomas finds himself suddenly attracted to Dayzee and begins to flirt with her.

Friday – Thomas and Dayzee have a straightforward conversation, which hints toward a mutual attraction. Carl encounters obstacles at the lab. Liam grows concerned about how mounting sress is affecting Hope. Everyone awaits the results of Amber’s test.

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DAYS Previews: Week of February 7

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