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OLTL Previews: Week of March 14


Todd’s family rallies around him after his shooting. Will their love help Todd pull through?

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Todd’s wounds may be fatal as the family gathers around him while John has to bite his tongue and work with Brody on the shooting investigation. James and Starr’s romantic evening is interrupted as they receive news about the shooting. Todd is wheeled into surgery while the family sits vigil waiting to hear some good news. After Blair informs Jack of Todd’s injuries, Vicki brings him to the hospital. Todd’s family tries to coax him from his unconscious state.

Though the shooter has escaped, the evidence at the scene reveals he’s been wounded. Tomas tends to his wounds without medical care. Natalie gets word that John’s been involved in a shooting. Brody finds John at Rodi’s and gives him an update on the shooting investigation but the two almost comes to blows over Natalie. Kelly intervenes and sends Brody home, then tells John to straighten up his act and get it together. Tomas is nearly caught tending his wounds by Blair, while James supports Starr at the hospital.


Nora is forced to tell Vicki what she and Bo have uncovered about Clint and his crimes. Regardless, Vicki and Clint must show a unified front in the courtroom. No one is immune to the vicious fight for Ryder but just as the judge is ready to render his verdict, Clint is arrested by Bo.Langston is upset when she learns Ford plans to stay married to Tess.  Dorian has a warning for Vicki about Charlie. Echo and Charlie plan to enter into an affair and seal their deal with a kiss. Clint recruits Alex to help him with David.

Vicki has a heart to heart with Natalie about her feelings for John. Shane continues to be bullied at school. Dorian advises Langston to find a man who’s worthy and decides she needs to take her own advice regarding men. Dorian tells David she’s moving on, and later David begs Bo to get him back to Llanview. Cutter stops by Dorian’s to help her get over David.


Clint gets a taste of his own medicine from someone he has wronged.  Tess snaps a picture of Charlie and Echo kissing.   Jack and his posse plan a new line of bullying for Shane at the school gym. A new girl in town takes an interest in Starr and James. What’s next for David and Dorian?

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