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AMC Previews: Week of March 14


Madison and Scott grow closer even though Ryan knows the truth about her baby.

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Madison confirms she is pregnant with Ryan’s child.  Ryan wants to do the right thing for Madison and their baby, and he expresses gratitude for her help with Emma.  Madison tells Scott that Ryan knows the truth, but Scott wants to remain a part of Madison’s life.  Greenlee keeps her prior knowledge of Ryan’s paternity to herself.  Madison accuses Greenlee of trying to steal her idea for Fusion, but Greenlee lets Madison explain the idea to the Wall Street analysts. Ryan is unhappy with Madison’s living arrangements.  Emma calls Madison and tells her that she and Annie are in Pine Valley, and Madison relays that information to Ryan.

Ryan finds Annie but he discovers Emma has escaped and he’s concerned by Annie’s mental state.  Madison turns down Ryan’s offer to give her a different place to live and tells Scott she enjoys their relationship because he doesn’t try to control her. Scott kisses Madison. Annie is about to be sedated when JR shows up and talks her into going with the men in the white coats, because she believes she’s being taken to her wedding to JR. Ryan meets Madison and Scott in the Park where they find Emma’s toy. Ryan calls to Emma and she comes out of hiding.  Emma is upset that Annie is being hospitalized and she lashes out at Ryan.


Angie returns and she tells Jake she will extend her maternity leave longer than originally intended.  Angie and Jesse ask Jake and Amanda to be godparents.  When Amanda overhears Tad criticizing her to Jake, she confronts them and asks what she must do to earn forgiveness.  Jake and Amanda agree they want to get their relationship back on track.  When Jake learns that the hospital board doesn’t want to keep Cara, he rises to her defense.  Amanda gets a job working for JR.  Tad and Cara grow closer during a Spanish lesson.  Krystal plans to move out to protect Cara from immigration, but Cara persuades Krystal to stay.

JR tries and fails to persuade Marissa to stay the night, but AJ is successful. JR has hopes for a happy future with his family. Diane lures Kendall away from the yacht so Ricky can search for evidence. Kendall returns and discovers Ricky, but he covers that he’s looking for his phone. Griffin shows up and Ricky overhears him telling Kendall about the drugs he’s stolen from the hospital. Griffin persuades Kendall to consult with Brot about Zach’s letter. Brot encourages Kendall not to give up, but there’s not enough to go on for the police to investigate. Kendall suspects an intruder in her home. Jackson surprises Erica with the news he bought the yacht from Kendall, but they are interrupted by a call from Caleb. Fusion is rocked with some bad news.


Angie returns to PV and family and friends throw her a welcome home party.   Angie and Jesse ask Jake and Amanda to be their baby’s godparents on Monday, March 14.

Colby sends out another video from her webcam about how she will call out the wrong behavior as she sees it in her life on Tuesday, March 15.

A drunken Liza approaches Tad and blurts out to the whole bar that they can judge her all they want but she is who she is. Colby overhears Liza and later uploads a video on Pine Valley’s “YouTube” of Liza’s rant on Wednesday, March 16.

After Madison turns down another living arrangement offer from Ryan she tells Scott she enjoys his company since he doesn’t tell her what to do or try and control her like the other men in her life have done on Thursday, March 17.

Annie almost attacks Greenlee and is restrained by the cops and read her rights and Emma is found on Friday, March 18.

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