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OLTL Previews: Week of March 21


Bo, Nora, Rex and David begin closing in on Clint.

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David arrives and throws Cutter out of Dorian’s bedroom. He explains that he really didn’t jilt Dorian and that Clint is responsible. Dorian and David make love. David draws a shotgun on Clint, but decides he isn’t worth the trouble, and proposes that he and Dorian get married immediately. Rex and Clint slug it out and Rex vows to prove that Clint killed Eddie Ford. Nigel admits to Bo and David that Clint didn’t come home the night of the murder. Nora and Rex put together a time line for the night of the murder. Nora tells Bo she was at the Minuteman Motel when Eddie was killed. David is surprised by Matthew’s loyalty to Clint. Matthew confronts Clint about his parents’ suspicions, but Clint maintains there is no evidence. Rex’s investigation leads to a porno shoot and old footage showing Clint leaving Eddie Ford’s room with a gun. Nora remembers seeing Clint at the Minuteman Motel.


Joey gets suspicious when Aubrey moves Rama into the mansion. Aubrey and Rama find Joey and Kelly having an intense moment at Capricorn. Kelly tells Joey that Aubrey used to date Ford. Joey learns that Aubrey dumped Ford when she learned he didn’t have money. Over Ford’s objections, Tess blasts into Capricorn looking for some fun. Cutter captures Tess’s eye, and when he leaves the bar, she sneaks into his car. Tess and Cutter get better acquainted in his motel room. As she is leaving, Tess snaps a photo of Charlie and Echo in a clinch. Tess returns to Cutter’s room again but his kiss causes Jessica to emerge.

Brody and Natalie fall asleep on the couch and when they awaken there is an awkward moment between them. John is prickly when Natalie returns to work. She calls him on his attitude and they agree to keep things professional. Kelly interrupts and after a moment of tension, Natalie leaves to get to work. She returns later to reveal she discovered evidence at the crime scene (a Euro) the other CSI technicians missed. Blair introduces John and Tomas at the diner and Gigi returns a Euro to Tomas that he used for payment by mistake. John is disturbed by the coincidence. John’s suspicions grow when Blair tells him about the photograph Tomas had of her and Todd. Blair finds Tomas at Todd’s bedside.

Starr and James are hanging out at the Buenos Dias, checking classified ads on Myface for a job. A new girl in town, Deanna, is in her motel room checking James’ profile, and sees where he is and goes to find him. When she gets to the Buenos Dias, she sees James and Starr kissing. James tells Nate about his old girlfriend in Ohio. Shane’s tormenters keep after him. Jack takes Shane’s inhaler and leaves him gasping. Shane suffers a serious asthma attack but refuses to tell Gigi and Rex why he didn’t have his inhaler. Dani suspects that Jack had something to do with Shane’s asthma attack but he denies it.


Cristian and Kelly are noting that Capricorn seems calm when Tess blasts in looking for action, pursued by Ford on Monday, March 21.

Viki questions Dorian about Tess’s hint that she knows something about Charlie and Echo on Tuesday, March 22.

Kelly wants to talk to Natalie about John, but Natalie has only one thing to say to her on Wednesday, March 23.

A new girl in town takes an interest in Starr and James and is affected by a MyFace photo of Starr, James, and a baby on Thursday, March 24.

Dorian asks Viki to be her matron of honor. David tells Dorian he can’t marry her on Friday, March 25.

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