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AMC Previews: Week of March 21


Things heat up with Liza and David and a war is brewing between Liza and Erica.

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Liza surmises that David’s concern for her is a seduction, and tells him things would never work for them. However, later Liza has a confrontation with Erica over Colby and she then kisses David and says a war is brewing between her and Erica, and asks him for his support. Erica agrees to sponsor Colby’s video blog and Caleb puts Asher in charge. While Erica and Caleb discuss the new developments with Asher and Colby, Jackson arrives with wedding papers and a specific date in mind. JR proposes Asher spy on Cortlandt and Asher has an angry outburst that is witnessed by Colby. Kendall is delighted to learn of Erica’s wedding plans and announces them to the entire office. Caleb admits to Marissa that it would be easier to work with someone other than Erica but not nearly as fun. Krystal tells Jack that his love for Erica has renewed her hopes that she can find happiness.

Ricky disguises his voice and calls to cancel Griffin’s meeting with the casino owners. When Griffin arrives, he tries to push past the bouncers to have the meeting and winds up with some broken ribs. Griffin and Tad team up. When Kendall sees Griffins bruises he lies that his date from the previous night has a jealous ex. Ricky observes a close moment. Later Ricky continues to undermine Kendall’s trust in Griffin. Kendall confronts Griffin about the drugs he is stealing from the hospital and Griffin tells her it’s for a greater good. Griffin asks Cara to outbid Kendall for him at the bachelor auction, but Cara bids on Ricky instead. Kendall plans to get more information about Griffin on their date.


When Marissa and Bianca learn Reese is filing for full custody of the children, Marissa encourages Bianca to release her frustrations by throwing snowballs. Marissa admits to Caleb she’s concerned Reese may win custody. Cara recommends Ryan take Emma to see a therapist. Emma takes her frustration over Annie’s hospitalization out on Greenlee and later overhears Ryan telling Greenlee that he will always love her. Frankie warns Scott not to break Madison’s heart. Jake and Cara’s working relationship is running smoothly but her seemingly marital bliss irritates Jake. When Amanda thinks JR is about to take a drink, she dumps it in a plant but JR explains it was only seltzer. JR notices Amanda’s uneasiness when Jake cancels their date. JR wants Amanda to convince Marissa to bid on him at the auction and when she fails, JR warns Madison that Marissa and Scott are closer than she realizes.


Frankie gives Scott a warning; if he’s not into Madison than he should cut her loose since the last thing she needs again is her heart broken on Monday, March 21.

As Caleb and Erica are discussing Asher and Colby, Jackson shows up and slaps down wedding papers with a location and date, right in front of them Tuesday, March 22.

Bianca overhears Erica and Opal discussing the kiss with Caleb; Erica dismisses it as no big deal. Opal doesn’t think he should be invited to the wedding on Wednesday, March 23.

Unsure of what she should believe when it comes to Griffin and the drugs, Kendall decides to bid on him for a date to find out more on Thursday, March 24.

After learning from Amanda that Marissa won’t bid on him, JR finds Madison and tells her that Scott and Marissa are closer than she thinks on Friday, March 25.

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