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B&B Previews: Week of March 21


Katie and Bill clash over her husband’s secrets; Thomas is headstrong on revenge.


Dayzee attempts to talk some sense into Thomas, who remains headstrong on revenge. Ridge cannot believe Thomas’s behavior or the fact that Brooke went along with it. Jarrett drops the latest Forrester scandal right in Bill’s lap. Brooke is torn when she has to say goodbye. Stephanie and Eric have a heated argument over Brooke and Ridge. Taylor does the unexpected to prove that something is amiss. Stephanie gives motherly advice to Ridge. Taylor is committing to standing by Ridge. Stephanie and Taylor work hard to convince Ridge to see things their way.

Amber schemes to pull Liam further into a trap. Bill and Steffy are overheard in a heated discussion. Katie makes a decision for Bill. Oliver and Hope have a double date with Liam and Amber. Nick receives surprising news.


Monday – Dayzee gives Thomas valuable advice. Bill learns that Ridge canceled the Taboo line and wants to begin an investigative story about it. Ridge gets upset with Thomas and Brooke; Ridge leaves for a business trip to Paris.

Tuesday – Taylor decides to accompany Ridge on his business trip. Stephanie updates Eric about the Taboo line and tells him that Thomas kissed Brooke. Hope and Oliver bond over lunch. Stephanie makes a prediction about Brooke’s marriage.

Wednesday – Amber invites Liam to have dinner with her and plans to invite Hope as well. Steffy is stunned to find out about the Taboo memo. Katie overhears Bill telling Steffy that he was ready to commit murder.

Thursday – Katie demands to know if Bill was trying to kill Amber. Amber invites Oliver to her dinner party. Katie is hurt that Bill confided in Steffy but not her. Oliver tells Hope that he still has feelings for her. Steffy confronts Thomas about Ridge’s memo.

Friday – Katie calls upon an old friend for a place to stay. Amber and Liam’s discussion about an upcoming ultrasound for their baby becomes too much for Hope to bear. Steffy offers to help Bill through this rough patch in his marriage. Hope and Liam kiss.

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DAYS Previews: Week of March 21

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