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DAYS Previews: Week of March 21


Philip and Melanie begin divorce proceedings; EJ is jealous when he spots Taylor with Brady; Imposter Rafe manipulates Sami.


Monday – Imposter Rafe pretends to pass out, so Sami rushes him to the hospital. Melanie and Dario face off. Stephanie learns of Nathan’s job opportunity at Johns Hopkins. Vivian tells Carly about her entombment in the Kiriakis mausoleum.

Tuesday – Imposter Rafe fakes anxiety and neediness. Chad learns that Stefano paid his college tuition. Melanie and Philip decide to start divorce proceedings. Chloe informs Justin she doesn’t want any financial support from Daniel. Maggie invites Victor to lunch.

Wednesday – Sami slips anti-anxiety meds into Imposter Rafe’s drink. Jennifer tries to fix up Carly and Daniel again. EJ walks in on a close moment between Taylor and Brady and is displeased. Rafe tries to get the lay of the land from his new captors in the asylum.

Thursday – Vivian and Kate get into an argument. EJ manipulates Taylor to get her away from Brady. Stephanie tells Dario that he shouldn’t believe Melanie. Bo and Hope vow to make their reconciliation work. Ciara secretly tells Theo she’s running away.

Friday – Daniel hits Dario over a misunderstanding. Stefano learns EJ is in love with Taylor. Abigail feels she and Chad can no longer be friends. Sami owns up to slipping Imposter Rafe his meds, and he verbally attacks her.

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