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Emma’s resentment towards Greenlee continues to grow.

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Emma’s resentment toward Greenlee continues to flare, and Greenlee admits to Bianca that Emma’s attitude is wearing her down. Emma leaves the house and takes off for Scott and Madison’s. Madison calls Ryan to come and get Emma, and when he arrives, Emma wants to know why Ryan couldn’t have married Madison. Ryan forces Emma to make a sweet (but fake) apology to Greenlee, but then she whispers something nasty to Greenlee under her breath. Greenlee remains determined to get through to Emma. Scott’s movie date with Marissa prompts Madison to question him about what’s going on. Scott is annoyed that JR told Madison about his history with Marissa. Scott makes a videotape of Madison talking to her unborn child in which she tells the baby how lucky they are to have Scott in their lives. Greenlee, Ryan, Madison and Scott arrive at the hospital for the sonogram. Scott and Greenlee wait as Ryan and Madison hear their baby’s heartbeat. When Ryan tells Emma it was his idea for her to see the therapist and not Greenlee’s, Emma decides to go through with it and tells the therapist she wants Madison to be her step mom.

When Griffin declines Kendall’s invitation to attend Erica’s wedding with her, she asks Ricky instead. Griffin is concerned that pushing forward with the sale of the casino will make Kendall a target. Ricky insists to Diana that he will make Kendall fall in love with him. Tad questions Griffin about the stolen drugs. Diane claims her car is broken down to gain entrance to Kendall’s home, but Ricky arrives before Diana can harm Kendall. Diana warns Ricky to take care of Kendall or she will. Kendall discovers Diana’s credit card with her real name instead of the fake she gave to get into Kendall’s house, and learns that Diana is really a vice-president for Zach’s casinos. Griffin is alarmed when Kendall tells him what happened and he reports it to Brot, who says the police can’t do anything about it without more evidence. Ricky and Diana argue, and Ricky strangles her to death in a rage then stashes Diana’s body at Griffin’s to frame him. When Griffin returns from Kendall’s he discovers Diana’s body in his bed. The cops show up and they don’t buy Griffin’s explanations. Ryan and Kendall also arrive. When Kendall tells Griffin who Diane really is, he’s shocked and reveals the details about his investigation into the casinos. Kendall’s trust is shaken when Jesse informs them the police found two tickets to Tahiti in Diana’s and Griffin’s names. Kendall tells Jesse about the theft of the drugs from the hospital.


JR and Marissa almost kiss, but she pulls back and tells him she has a date with Scott. Later, JR asks Marissa to celebrate his two-year sobriety anniversary, but she tells him they are in the past and he must accept it. Amanda tries to steal Jake away from the hospital to make a baby, but Jake isn’t receptive. Liza and David have sex. David thinks he can cure Angie’s blindness.


In front of Ryan, a sweet Emma apologizes but she whispers something nasty to Greenlee. Greenlee says she knows every trick in the book and won’t let Emma push her away because she loves her on Monday, April 4.

Cara admits to Tad that he might be the best friend she ever had on Tuesday, April 5.

When Marissa notices Bianca and the bartender sharing looks she closes out her tab and hints that she should go and talk to Bianca on Wednesday, April 6.

Griffin watches over Kendall as she sleeps. She wants to know why he’s really there but before he can admit the real reason Ricky shows up on Thursday, April 7.

Kendall admits that Griffin told her he was taking drugs from the hospital on Friday, April 8.


Erica’s wedding is met with interference and mishaps, Asher turns to Caleb for help, and Kendall and Greenlee don’t see eye-to-eye.

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