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OLTL Previews: Week of April 4


Rex and Gigi rush to save their son.

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When Shane returns to school, the reactions of the other students prompt him to give Jack his inhaler. Destiny tries to cheer him up and to persuade him to report the bullying to the administration, but Shane is convinced that will only escalate the problem. Rex and Gigi grow concerned over Shane’s note and ask for Echo’s help. They also call Blair, who tells them Jack said Shane’s at school. When Rex and Gigi arrive at the school, Shane is on the roof. Rex and Gigi manage to talk Shane down and in the emotional aftermath at the hospital, Rex has a breakdown with Bo, and Gigi falls apart in front of the nurse. Starr tells Blair the full story about Jack, but Blair doesn’t want to believe it until Starr shows her the evidence on MyFace. Brad tells Jack he’s in deep trouble and that Shane almost jumped off the roof. When Blair confronts Jack, she’s appalled by his lack of concern for Shane and she reacts badly. Later Blair admits to Starr that she hit Jack, but Starr reassures Blair that she’s a good mother.

Starr is shocked to discover Marty is out of St. Anne’s. Marty expresses her wish to be part of Hope’s life. When Starr leaves, Marty reveals she’s still obsessing over Natalie’s child. John is confronted by Tea over the investigation into Todd’s shooting. Tea defends Tomas, and the conversation turns to Natalie when Tea again tries to persuade John to put away his pride and have the life he wants. When Tea leaves, John reflects about Liam. Kelly shows up looking for scoop for her story, and John kisses her, which Marty sees. Marty taunts Natalie and John about how they’re moving on from each other. Natalie sees that John keeps a copy of Liam’s sonogram. Aubrey gets a load of Joey’s jealousy over McBain and Kelly.


Viki accepts some responsibility for Charlie being vulnerable to Echo while she was so wrapped up in her own problems. Charlie tries to comfort her, but she tells him hands off. When Viki implies that Charlie’s relationship with Echo is a meaningless affair, Charlie sets her straight. James pulls away from Deanna’s kiss and tells her he loves Starr, but when he realizes Deanna is broke and has nowhere to go, he invites her to stay with him. Dorian and David persuade Langston to take over scriptwriting duties for “VICKER MAN” which they are now producing. Rama distracts Joey, while Aubrey and Cutter canoodle. Cutter and Tess share a steamy kiss.


Bo and Nora don’t believe Clint’s assertion re: who killed Eddie Ford. Viki’s horrified to discover Charlie and Echo in bed together on Monday, April 4.

Rex and Gigi are horrified to find Shane poised to jump from the school roof and learn in tortured detail the depth of their son’s unhappiness on Tuesday, April 5.

Natalie visits with Clint and admits she’s not over John. Blair and Starr take Jack home and make him take the Shane video off his computer on Wednesday, April 6.

Viki tells Echo off. James settles Deanna into his apartment since she’s got nowhere else to go. on Thursday, April 7.

Tess and Ford share a close moment; so do Natalie and Brody. Kelly looks for a scoop from John, but gets a kiss instead on Friday, April 8.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of April 11

Natalie returns John’s ring, Kelly learns new information about Aubrey and Cutter, Marty wants to know what John would do if things were different, Viki and Charlie part ways.

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