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GH Previews: Week of April 4


Michael is ready to commit murder for Abby, but will he actually go through with it?

Murder In the Name of Love?

Jason gets his first real distraction from Jake’s death when Abby warns him about her concerns for Michael’s need to protect her from the newly released Brandon. Armed with his newly acquired gun in hand, Michael has Brandon in his sights when Jason arrives on the scene. Jason manages to stop Michael from pulling the trigger.

Later, Dante arrives with word that Abby’s ex-boyfriend Brandon has been shot to death behind Vaughn’s strip club. Jason and Michael both play Brandon’s death close to the vest, hoping to protect each other. Dante supports the idea of protecting his brother and has no problem with framing Jason for murder to protect Michael. Jason and Michael soon realize neither of them killed Brandon and the question remains, who did?


Lucky confronts Luke. Robin suggests that she and Patrick enroll in marriage counseling. Johnny and Lisa open up to one another. Kristina gets a visit from Lisa while she babysits Emma. Sam convinces Spinelli to attend a book signing that Maxie has arranged. Brenda immediately takes to Lucian, but Sonny remains unconvinced of the child’s relationship to Brenda. Patrick confronts Johnny.

Carly tries to convince Lucky that he and his father need each other during this difficult time, but Lucky turns to Sonny instead. Nikolas says goodbye to Brook Lynn as she leaves for a music tour. Jason shares with Sam his regrets over not being Jake’s father. Nikolas finds Luke trashing the Haunted Star. Lucky suggests he and Siobhan get married as soon as possible. Brenda and Carly trade insults as to who is the worse mother. Carly asks Sam to give Jason a baby.


Warned by Abby, Jason stops Michael from killing Brandon on Monday, April 4th.

Suzanne arrives with Brenda’s 3-year old son, Lucian on Tuesday, April 5th.

Johnny gets a call from his father on Wednesday, April 6th.

Consumed with guilt over his responsibility for Jake’s death, Luke loses control on Thursday, April 7th.

Sonny tells Brenda he thinks they should have a DNA test run on Lucian on Friday, April 8th.


Lucky asks Lulu for help to save their father. Dante unearths a connection between Johnny and Brandon. Maxie learns the truth about Aiden. Sonny grows concerned with Brenda’s instant attachment to Lucian. Dante, Sonny and Jason worry Johnny may be trying to recruit Michael into his organization. Sam revisits wanting to have a child. Brenda asks Michael if he regrets growing up in Sonny’s world.

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