DAYS Previews: Week of April 4

Imposter Rafe fantasizes about killing Sami; Nicole and Taylor rally around their mother; Daniel and Jennifer are worried for Carly.


Monday – Nicole and Taylor find Fay at the bottom of the steps, bleeding and unconscious. Sami is baffled by imposter Rafe’s reaction to the news about Fay. Jennifer and Daniel discuss Carly’s erratic behavior. Justin and Adrienne decide to elope.

Tuesday – EJ explains to Taylor that Fay may be on to them. Chloe comes upon Philip in a secret meeting with the social worker. Carly and Daniel are impressed with Melanie’s generosity. Imposter Rafe tries to flee from the loft but is stopped by Sami.

Wednesday – Victor asks Maggie to go to Paris with him. A guilt-stricken Taylor begs Fay for forgiveness. Sami takes imposter Rafe to their special spot in the woods. Maggie asks Melanie to play peacemaker for the Kiriakis men. Dario makes Melanie livid.

Thursday – Fay awakens and tells Nicole two very important words. Imposter Rafe has a fantasy about killing Sami. Sami no longer believes Rafe’s behavior is tied to his brain trauma. Stefano overhears Abigail tell Chad that moving in was a mistake.

Friday – Bo and Hope have a romantic dinner and make love. Lexie has to sedate Fay. Carly calls her son, Nicholas. An amnesic Rafe gets stronger. Nicole thanks Taylor for coming back into her life. Ciara lies about why she tried to scale the school fence.