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Y&R Previews: Week of April 4


Chloe and Gloria join forces to take down Jana once and for all, only to end up in more trouble than they bargained for. Adam’s testimony hurts Sharon more than it helps her.



Adam shows up at Sharon’s trial to give his testimony. Sadly, he hurts her case more than he helps it. Victor wages war against Vance over his new found relationship with Nikki. Diane finds herself unable to shake her feelings for Nick. Chloe and Gloria join forces to take down Jana once and for all. Sofia and Malcolm run into complications while planning their wedding. Sharon goes on the lam after talking to Adam. Adam lies to Phyllis and Nick. Chloe and Gloria end up behind bars after they break into Jana’s place. Phyllis asks Malcolm for assistance. Ashley contacts Diane. Victor and Jack continue to fight about Kyle. Someone else gets angry over Daniel’s actions. The jury reaches a verdict in Sharon’s murder trial.


Monday – A startling witness must testify. Jana searches for answers. Chloe threatens Billy.

Tuesday – Chloe and Gloria conspire against Jana. Spencer questions Adam’s motives.

Wednesday – Tucker makes Abby an offer. Ashley reaches out to Diane.

Thursday – Sharon gets an unexpected visitor. Phyllis confronts Daniel. Chloe and Gloria’s mischief turns serious.

Friday – The jury reaches a verdict. Phyllis receives promising news. Tucker proposes a deal to Victor.

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