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B&B Previews: Week of April 4


Ridge’s feud with Thomas continues, insulting his son’s work and vowing not to increase the Taboo line. Amber sets out to make Liam fall in love with her. Katie won’t reunite with Bill unless he goes into counseling.


Taylor is happy when Ridge informs Thomas that there will be no woman’s Taboo line. Brooke goes against Ridge’s wishes once again. After Bill and Nick throw down over her, Katie gives Bill an ultimatum. Brooke discovers that Katie has been seeking comfort from ex-hubby Nick. Thomas questions Steffy on just how intimate her relationship with Bill really is. Amber makes her intentions known to Liam by attempting to have sex with him. Liam rejects Amber’s seduction and tells her he’s not down to be in a relationship with her. Oliver kisses Hope. Hope ends things with Liam…again. Bill and Liam have a heart to heart about women. Amber and Tawny make the most out of Amber’s new digs.


Monday – Katie tells Bill that she isn’t ready to come home to him. Amber tries to get Liam to open up. Ridge tells Thomas that his designs are good, but not good enough. Brooke lets Thomas know how disappointed she is with Ridge’s lack of support for him.

Tuesday – Amber cranks up her seduction a couple of notches. Oliver suggests that Hope move on from Liam. Thomas tells Brooke that she thinks Ridge is threatened by him. Brooke tries to defend Ridge.

Wednesday – Hope fantasizes that Liam apologizes to her and begs for forgiveness. Liam tells Amber that he isn’t ready for a relationship with her. Tawny tries to convince Amber to make Liam fall in love with her quickly. Liam finds Hope at Oliver’s house.

Thursday – Steffy encourages Oliver to keep pursuing Hope. Liam encourages Bill not to give up on Katie. Bill is disappointed when Liam tells him about his recent night with Amber. Brooke tries to convince Hope to get back with Oliver.

Friday – Thomas accuses Steffy of sleeping with Bill. Amber pressures Oliver to get Hope to sleep with him. Bill tells Katie they can’t fix their marriage while she’s staying with her ex-boyfriend. Katie insists that Bill enter counseling to deal with his anger.

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