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Lorraine Broderick Named New Head Writer at 'All My Children'


Lorraine Broderick to take over head writing duties at ‘All My Children’ reports Soaps In Depth! And that’s not all….

All My Children‘ Not Canceled? Lorraine Broderick In As New Head Writer!

Rumors of All My Children‘s demise have been running rampant the last few weeks, and a report Friday from TVGuide’s Michael Logan gave One Life to Live fans a reason to be riled up as well. After weeks of doom and gloom, we could use some good news right? Our friends at ABC Soaps In Depth broke two BIG pieces news Saturday night (at a bar nonetheless!) on their Twitter account, news that has a direct effect on All My Children‘s future. “Great news kids: [All My Children] is NOT being canceled. Even better news: Lorraine Broderick is bring named headwriter. It’s official. Folks, when something’s a rumor, I say so. Same when it’s fact. [All My Children] being safe and Broderick being named headwriter? FACT.” SID says a press release is from ABC is expected Monday with more information.

For those unfamiliar with Lorraine Broderick, know that Ms. Broderick possesses impeccable credentials and a reputation for developing character driven stories versus relying on plot points. It’s a shared hope she will lead the struggling All My Children to a renaissance. Broderick spent 12 years as a writer on the staff of All My Children under the tutelage of creator Agnes Nixon, leaving in 1991 to become co-head writer of Guiding Light (and later Another World) during what many consider the “golden era” of the now cancelled soap opera.

In the spring of 1995 Broderick succeeded Megan McTavish as AMC‘s head writer, and won critical acclaim along with an almost unprecedented three consecutive Daytime Emmy’s for Outstanding Writing Team, bringing her total to four such awards as a head-writer. As is frequently the case in the daytime industry, behind the scenes shuffles led to Broderick’s replacement as AMC‘s head writer in 1997 when the decision was made to rehire Megan McTavish. Broderick went into to As The World Turns and later had a brief tenure at Days of our Live, ending due to “creative differences” with co-executive producer Tom Langan. Broderick joined Port Charles as associate head writer, leaving in 2001 to become head writer at One Life to Live with Christopher Whitesell. In 2003, the team of Michael Malone and Josh Griffith took over the helm at One Life to Live and Ms. Broderick was demoted to associate head writer, and before she left the show entirely in 2004, she declined an offer to return to AMC. Broderick left daytime, taking a position at Drexel University as a professor.

Following the firing of Charles Pratt, Jr. in November 2009, Broderick returned to All My Children at the request of Agnes Nixon. Broderick had a lot of work to do following Pratt’s abysmal tenure, but was able to turn the show around during her time as interim head writer. She again declined to take over as head writer, choosing to instead, hold the show together until a permanent replacement could be named. When it was announced former Guiding Light head writers David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski would take over writing duties, Broderick remained with the show as their Associate Head Writer.

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